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It’s Time to Think About End-of-Season AC Care

The end of summer is near. You’ve likely been using your AC consistently over the last few months. The last thing you need now is a sudden breakdown and huge repair when you still need the system.

The good news is that the air conditions show signs and symptoms well before they force your system to shut down. You should not attempt to self-diagnose or repair a faulty AC on your own. They have potentially dangerous components such as refrigerant.

These Symptoms Indicate that the AC needs Care

Low Airflow: Cooled down air isn’t moving through your vents with the speed or power indicates a problem. It means that the air is trapped somewhere within the system, which can freeze the coils. You might have damaged duct and conditioned air is escaping to unoccupied spaces. Reduced airflow is not just a symptom but a problem on its own.

Reduced Cooling Levels: The airflow seems strong, but the air seems lukewarm. What gives, right? Refrigerant leaks, overheating components, ductwork damage, can all contribute to the decreased cooling. It will ultimately cause your air conditioner to work extensively than it should, which is inefficient.

Short-Cycling: If the air conditioner turns on and off rapidly without running for very long. Your air conditioner is using more energy repeatedly turning on and turning off than it should, so you will have to run the AC for at least 15 minutes at a time. Otherwise, it is a sign of something being seriously wrong.

Odd Noises: It might include humming, buzzing, clanging, or hissing. If you find any of these sounds, you can should call in an HVAC repair pro right away. Some noises can indicate a particularly dangerous problem like buzzing indicates an electrical problem!

Although people can do a lot on their own, some AC problems require professional intervention. When you can’t identify the source of a problem, you should contact maintenance but you can cover up your AC to extend its life and lover the maintenance frequency.

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