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Important basics sleep, every parent should know

Sleep is very essential to your child’s health and well-being. In fact, a good sleep habit starts from birth.  Children who do not sleep at night may do some trouble at night. If it keeps going on then it will create big trouble for both children and parents.

How much sleep does a child require a day?

Every child is different from each other, some children sleep more and some sleep less. So here are the general guidelines for how much an average child should sleep in 24 hours.

Infants (2 to 12 Months)14 to 18 hours
Toddlers (1 to 2 years old)12 to 15 hours 
Children  (3 to 5 years)11 to 13 hours
Children (6 to 13 years)9 to 10 hours
Teenagers (13 to 19 years)8 to 9 hours

What are some common sleep problems for children?

Most children have nightmare issues, it happens due to fever and loneliness. So never leave your child alone if he is having nightmares. 

Some children don’t get enough sleep due to difficulty in relaxing. Lack of relaxation can arise due to the non-presence of parents around their children. Try an extra long time around your children for more comfort. If you want to give your baby a comfortable sleep then use a baby bed protector.

Newborn Babies are crappy sleepers for the reasons: 

Newborn babies need an immense amount of soothing to sleep. They are highly dysregulated which means they make trouble for you a lot, they are noisy and grunty. 

Newborn babies do not have fully developed circadian rhythm so they nap around the clock. Thus it is normal for newborn babies to take a 5-hour nap during the day and 4 hours awake at night.

Newborn babies eat frequently so in the end they poop and spit all the time and day. Which makes parents irritating and frustrated. In order to give comfort to your baby and you, it is better to take a baby dry sheet or baby dry mat.

If you want your baby like an Instagram baby then you can buy a baby dry sheet for your baby, it will give him a piece full night and for you as well, you can ask baby dry sheet price via searching it on google or can directly buy from Dream Care India.

When should you teach your child an independent sleep?

As soon as you can, you can do this by repeating the same thing again and again. Like by giving a soft pat on his/her back. After 3 – 4 months you can start a different approach to sleep your baby. Steady and gradually he/she will understand. We would recommend some experiments to teach your baby. It’s never easy but it will definitely work as the techniques get older.

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