Quick Dry Sheet for Babies in India

Why Quick Dry Sheet is your Baby’s perfect partner in bed?

Hey Guys! This Blog post is specially for parents who have a lot of questions in mind regarding quick dry sheet. You may even call it a baby dry sheet or a baby bed protector. All these are different names for the same thing. Well, we were receiving a lot of queries from moms all across India regarding quick dry sheet, therefore we came up with this idea to write a Blog Post on the same. You will get to read most frequent questions that we have picked for you and their answers provided by our experts. So, without talking much, let’s dive into the Q&A.

What is Quick Dry Sheet for Baby?

Quick Dry Sheet is a sheet that helps your baby get into a sound sleep without waking up due to the urine wetness. A baby for sure wets the bed at night. If the wetness increases, an ordinary cloth is not able to absorb that much liquid. Due to this wetness the baby feels uncomfortable and often wakes up. Your mattress also gets damaged. But, with baby dry sheets, you can easily avoid both these issues. These sheets are made up of waterproof material that absorbs the liquid quickly and keeps your baby dry. They come in different bed sizes like quick dry sheet for double bed, quick dry sheet single bed, small, medium, and large. Buy as per your bed size or keeping your baby size in mind.

We can say that a quick absorbing sheet is really special as it is easy to wash and acts as a quick dry baby bed protector. It helps the baby to relax and sleep comfortably at night. These sheets eliminate the need for frequent diaper changes.

What is the material used in Baby Dry Sheet?

A good quality Baby Dry Sheet is made up of breathable and premium quality microfiber Fleece. This material is really smooth and it dries quickly. Therefore, another name for it is quick dry sheet. Fleece is a water resistant material that will surely protect your mattress from getting damp due to bed wetting or any other liquid spills. If your baby bed protector comes with a TPU layering, it’s like icing on the cake. You get double protection from wetness. This fabric is really soft and therefore it is the perfect partner in bed for your infant. Your baby will love it. You can even choose from different colour options available in the market.

How do you use a Baby Bed Protector?

It is very easy to use a baby bed protector. Just open the sheet and place it over your bedsheet. The soft side will be on the top that feels smooth. Place this baby dry sheet well on your bed or on the area where your baby sleeps. Then you can leave your baby on top of the sheet. The soft fabric and quick dry quality will block the formation of rashes or any other bacterial growth on your baby’s skin. We are sure that your baby will enjoy this baby bed protector.

Can we wash quick dry sheet in washing machine?

It is advised to wash quick dry sheet with hands as they are easy to clean and will not take much time or efforts. But, in case you have to go for machine wash, that’s also a green tick. Just make sure you do not put it under hard wash mode or do not try to tumble dry. It means after the wash, just let it air dry and do not put it in your machine drier. Doing this may ruin the fabric and its effectiveness.

What are the advantages of Quick Dry Sheet? 

Here is the list of advantages that you should know about quick dry sheet:

  1. Durable and Reusable
  2. Light weighted and easily Foldable
  3. Breathable Fabric that is comfortable
  4. Anti-Allergic, Dust and Mite free
  5. Capable of absorbing liquid 8 times of its own weight
  6. Colour does not fade
  7. Quickly dries
  8. Easy to wash by hand or under machine wash

So, dear moms or fathers, we hope that this Blog post helped you in solving down all your queries. Babies are precious, so they deserve the best care. With a quick dry sheet, you will gift your baby a healthy lifestyle and a good night sleep. If you have more such questions in mind, just let us know in the comments section below. We would love to answer them. Also, if you liked our blog post, kindly mention down below. Your comments will motivate us. Thank you for reading.