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Does care for your bed sheet curbs the enjoyment of your children?

The bed of children is more than just a piece of furniture to relax on. It is a place that treasures there bed time stories and their dreams. With the summer vacations approaching, the bed in the cramped boundaries of flat boundaries often gets transformed into a theatre seat to enjoy cartoons, movies and favorite shows to game zone where they want to gag with their friends and enjoy playing indoor games. There can be nothing better than getting to enjoy snacks and refrigerated drinks alongside the pleasure of having good, free fun time with oneโ€™s friends. One does have a large number of drinks to choose from โ€“ milkshakes, curd shakes, squash, fruit juices and many others. However, serving the same on the bed is always risky and not averse with the fear of a spill resulting in stain on the bedsheet and / or the mattress.

Though to our assurance we do serve the drinks in a tray, with the tissues, and add the server mat, suggest to finish drink over the table and then continue with the game. However, the excitement of children is hard to bottle up with the mere directives and one can only be living in illusion to presume the spill is not a possibility. With children running around and playing, spills are inevitable and we all have been recipients of such stains, at some point of time in our life.

Often it is not possible to immediately remove and replace the bed sheet and / or put the mattress to laundry. The immediate reflex is to dry it using a cloth and leave the same to be addressed at a later stage along with the laundry. This often result in blot and stain on the bedsheet and / or on the mattress. These stains often attract the rail of ants, cockroaches and flies and convert the same into ground to breed infection due to bacteria and fungi.

Waterproof Bed Server can be used to prevent the leak to reach the bed sheet or mattress. They are not only cost effective but durable and easy to use. In case of the any spill in place of worrying about change and laundry of entire bed sheet one can simply remove the Bed Server food mat along with the spill, wipe it with wet cloth and can reuse it in no time without the fear of frequent change in case of the repetitive action.

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