How To Protect Yourself And Home From Covid-19


Since coronavirus spreads throughout the nation, nations have closed schools and nonessential companies and illegal group parties. This leaves many people in the home, but a lot of people live in close quarters with other men and women. We requested public health the way people can protect themselves from becoming infected with the new coronavirus in these types of circumstances. 

1. How can we protect ourselves from each other?

The idea behind social distancing is about physical separation which alleviates each person’s risk of disease. While remaining home so as to restrict contact with other people is simple, your contact is not really restricted if you don’t live alone. As you can not prevent your family altogether, you’ll need to consider your living situation and consider sensible actions that are acceptable for you and your loved ones.When there’s somebody with a compromised immune system in your house, the other household members must behave as though they’re a danger of infection to this individual. They ought to restrict direct contact with all the endangered individuals as far as possible and wash their hands prior to any contact, as a healthcare worker would.  They ought to stay home and let other household members run errands like picking up prescriptions or food for them. During these stressful and uncertain times, it’s necessary that we keep our emotional interactions with other people. It’s still possible to use text messages, telephone calls or movie chat to be a part of each others’ lives.  As well make sure you use all the possible ways to disinfect your home and common things. Because we commonly let go of those things which are small in size.  For example sofa seat covers, cushion protective covers, Saree Cover most of us don’t disinfect these common things. There is one case in “New Delhi” of “Covid-19” where all the family members found corona positive.  It happens when they altogether have dinner on an infected Bed Server food mat. The Bed Server food mat were infected with coronavirus by some of their family members. 

2) One of us is sick. What do I do now?

In case you need to care for a sick family member, then you should also protect yourself. There are other things that You can do to protect your health:

• Isolate the ill person from different individuals in the home in another area if at all possible.

• Have just one relative care for this individual, minimizing the danger to other relatives.

• Disinfect the cushion protective covers of ill people every day specially when you touch it while serving him.

• as well as everybody practicing routine hand-washing, the caregiver must wash their hands after any contact with the ill person.

• Do not share household things or eating utensils. You need to continue these practices before the man is no longer infectious. Since testing isn’t easy to acquire, you can stop these measures 72 hours after symptoms have resolved and at least seven days have passed because symptoms appeared.

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