Cushion protective covers

How to take care for your cushions?

Cushions are one of those elements of comfort we just don’t think about all that much. They’re cozy, soft and make everything comfier. Plus, sofa cushions are a super affordable way to change the feel of your room in no time flat. Growing up, we had old cushions in our closet for years and years. Whenever I would have guests come over, I chose the cushion which were already stained after multiple use. Never cared about them much. They were colorful so the stains wouldn’t be noticed. I didn’t stop to think about where those stains had come from. But maybe I should have. Turns out, keeping old, worn-out cushions can be bad for your health.

Cushions can harbor thousands of dust mites (and their excrement), dead skin cells and bacteria. Think about it. You’re breathing, sneezing, drooling or sweating directly on it for over and over again throughout the day. We know that pillows are inhabited by the house dust mite which eats fungi, and one theory is that the fungi are in turn using the house dust mites’ feces as a major source of nitrogen and nutrition (along with human skin scales). There could therefore be a ‘miniature ecosystem’ at work inside our cushions.

Cushions protectors, with a waterproof layer that go in between the cushion and the cushion case, will help keep dust mites and other bacteria from getting into the cushion itself and will help extend your cushion’s life. The cover should be breathable and moisture-repellent. Wash the cushion cover every couple of days. It’s a good idea to replace your cushion covers (if they are synthetic-fill) every couple years.

Finding the perfect waterproof terry cushion protector for your room can instantly transform your home while adding a dash of hygiene. Add a dash of color, texture and style to your living room, bedroom, outdoor space and more with our great range of cushion protector covers.

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