Taking care of Cushions against Sweat

Over a period of time cushions have become an indispensable part of our living rooms. Something that use to be referred as superfluous and status symbol has now become a salient feature. Cushions have grown out being considered to add to the aesthetics. They are no longer just confined to the living rooms of the palaces but have become an affordable accessory of the normal household. As a piece of regular furnishing it is subjected to the rigorous daily and practical routine rather than just a decorative item.

India being a predominantly having tropical climate leads to prickly heat and excessive sweating during summers, a season that seems to stretch across the maximum calendar months.ย  Sweating, which is a normal anatomical process to take care of the body temperatures often adds to the woes of delicate furnishings such as Cushions. Though the use of Cushions protects the furniture but is easily soaked by the cushion cover and in absence of any protection is easily absorbed by the inner layers and fillings. This prepares the ideal colonizing ground for the mites, bacteria, molds, and other irritants. There are extensive evidences from numerous studies conducted across the globe to prove how the growth of mites, bacteria, etc. are prominent cause and escalators of asthma, wheeze, bronchitis, cough and many other respiratory issues.

If not cleaned and taken care of properly the sweat remains trapped and / or absorbed between the fillings of the cushions. When a person uses such cushion, they are more prone to be exposed to the infection. The infection is passed on to the exposed skin of the person using it.  This may and has led to the cases of rashes, eczema, itch, and other such skin issues.

Most viable solutions to the problem are to add a protective layer between the cushion cover and the inner cushion. The same can be done by using waterproof cushion protectors. Waterproof Cushion Protectors not only protects the inner cushions but also retains the comfort and coziness of the cushion and hence provide an elegant respite from this common household issue.

Things you will need for sleep:-

Pillow Cover
waterproof mattress protector
waterproof mattress cover