Dishwasher Cover

Cleaning Applies to Dishwashers Too!

A few days ago, as I was assisting sister clean out the filters of her dishwasher, she mentioned it had started stinking pretty bad. She stared blankly when I asked if she know about how to take care of dishwasher smells. It occurred to me that most people knew how to use a washer but never paid much attention to its care except for a maintenance visit once or twice a year. So! Letโ€™s understand how to get your dishwasher cleaned up and smelling spiffy.

It is considered old fashioned, but spring cleaning is crucial and reorganizing the household at this time of year when everything is fresh and new. Sometimes we overlook our appliances on the checklist, but we definitely will not want to leave out the dishwasher cover . We will share some maintenance care tips and tricks to have your dishwasher running smoothly and keep cleaning those dirty dishes!

Maintenance Tips

  • Care Trick 1: Most dishwashers are designed to use rinse aids. By allowing the water to drain from the dishes after the final rinse, the use of rinse aids can improve the drying. It also keeps water away from forming spots or streaks.
  • Care Trick 2: Never slam your dishwasher door.
  • Care Trick 3: Whenever you are away and not utilizing your dishwasher, turn off the water supply. This saves the hoses from strain and saves you money!
  • Care Trick 4: Make sure the water supply lines are safe from freezing conditions. When under 32 degrees or below, open your cabinet doors of your sink to keep it warm.
  • Care Trick 5: It is recommended to use high-quality, premeasured detergent tablets or packs.
  • Care Trick 6: Always refer to the Use and Care Guide from your manufacturer!
  • Care Trick 7: Use Dishwasher Cover the washer after every use so there is not dust or stain accumulation.