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Tips to Check the Most Common Dishwasher Issues

Are you misusing your dishwasher? Read these top dishwasher problems, and view our care tips to correct the most common dishwasher issues. Loading a dishwasher is a task that you might do without a second thought. As long as your utensils seem to come out clean, you’re good, right? Well, not exactly.

The dishwasher mistakes you could be making daily that are affecting your appliance’s performance. We will reveal the most common incorrect use of the dishwasher and how to solve problems that occur from the misuse.

Problem 1: Using the wrong detergent

What’s wrong: This may seem like normal, but dishwasher detergent and the dish soap are not the same. While both products are used to clean dishes, they do so in different ways. Using a regular dish soap in a dishwasher will make the machine a soapy, sudsy mess.

Care: Use detergent designed only for a dishwasher.

Problem 2: Not running hot water before a load

What’s wrong: Just like you heat up the water before stepping into the shower, you need to do something similar for your washer. The water if fed into the appliance from kitchen, so if cycle is not fed with hot water it will automatically start with cold water. This means your dishes aren’t going to get as clean because your dishwasher will not be as efficient, especially in the winters when the pipes are cold. So it’s recommend to use Dishwasher Cover for the long lasting life of your dishwasher.

Care: Turn the geyser in your kitchen for a couple of minutes to prime the pump. That’s how you’ll start the load with hot water, making it more efficient.

Problem 3: Overloading

What’s wrong: It’s tempting to adjust that last plate into the washer before running the load, but it is not a good idea. Overloading leads to dirty dishes and the spray arm at the bottom of the appliance can’t do its job since the bottom rack is packed fully. Water will not be able to reach the dishes on the upper rack and will also spray leftover food from the bottom to the top rack. It can also damage the utensils if they hit each other with the force of the spray.

Care: Leave some breathing space. Load the utensils according to your manufacturer’s instructions.

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