Dishwasher cover

Your Key to Avoiding Dishwasher Disasters!

Of all the great modern home conveniences today. Probably no appliance can make life as easy and saves as much time as a kitchen dishwasher. When they are working fine, life can be pretty good. But when the dishwasher loses cleaning efficiency, your efficiency takes a major hit. A few days without a dishwasher can be a major hassle. Who wants dishpan hands, anyway?

Care Tip 1: Keeping Your Dishwasher Clean

The dishwasher exterior can be cleaned using a damp sponge or a cloth and a pinch of detergent. Use a soft brush to clean the door and frame gaskets of the dishwasher. Food particles can stick there and weaken the sealing, allowing water to seep out when the machine is running. If there is any damage, the gasket will have to be replaced.

The dishwasher interior does not need to be cleaned if being used regularly. If the dishwasher is unused for a week or more then mold and odor may form. Dishwasher cleaner and deodorizer should be used. If you see multiple stains, clean with dishwasher with detergent and water. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hand from alkaline detergents. You can also clean and disinfect the interior by running an empty dishwasher with a cup or two of vinegar. To remove rust from inside of the dishwasher, use a fine steel wool or a rust remover product.

Care Tip 2: Keeping Your Dishwasher Odor-Free

Most dishwasher odor is caused due to food which has collected in corners and canโ€™t be easily removed. Your priority is to always remove large food particles, non-dissolving and sticky substances from all dishes before you put them in the dishwasher.

Suspect a Drain Clog. The accumulation of water beneath the dishwasher indicates that dishwasher drains have been clogged. It happens more often in case when dishwasher shared the disposal drain with that of the kitchen sink. In case of the clogged pipe and / or drain, please ensure to clean the drain as soon as possible.

Care Tip 3: Keeping Your Dishwasher Dust-Free

Cover your washer with a PVC protector. It is 100% waterproof and dustproof. It will be a perfect guard against the dust and unnecessary particles. It should be designed with spaces for wire, hose, pipes and frontal zippered opening. Dishwasher Cover not only protects your dishwasher but also creates a beautiful and elegant look.

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