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Wondering how to ease the herculean task to maintain clean refrigerator shelves

Refrigerators since long has been an important and essential member of common city and / or town household. More than just a fridge protector of the food the modern refrigerators are known to facilitate and keep freshness of vegetables intact for days. In summers, it offers an easy laboratory to experiment with ice. In addition to the regular days task of dealing with leftovers, milk, eggs, daily groceries, during holidays and weekends usually or occasionally call to hold excess groceries, facilitate as catalyst for preparation of dishes that require multi day preparations, hold gourmet delicacies, etc. Apart from the door of the refrigerator, the second most abused part are the shelves.

The shelves are subject to stains, leaks, spillage and drips on routine. At times they act as host to forgotten food items that is pilled up over days. The gradual accumulation of grim and grease on the edges of the shelves only graduates to yellow from cream texture by the time we can squeeze in time to devote hours to launder it. Though cleaning the exterior of the refrigerator is part of daily routine but the attending to its interior is an extremely demanding task that requires lot of time and effort. The untidy shelves invite infections and bad odor that only gets worsen and results in infections.

Easy as it may sound to water bath the removable shelves and dry them seldom solves the purpose. The task of decluttering the filling and then removing the shelves itself is an uphill task. Seldom does a simple water and detergent solution works especially for the stains that at times are as old that they have to be scooped and rubbed in order to get rid of them. At times, it requires arranging the special cleaners โ€“ baking powder, bleach, white vinegar or other commercial cleaners to start the project with. And it is seldom that one achieves the satisfactory result despite putting oneโ€™s best effort. If one is hit with the jackpot of dealing with older refrigerators with mesh shelves unlike the glass and / or plastic shelves of the new generation refrigerators, then one can be rest assure of an average performance. The days of performance that has accumulated on these shelves cannot be negated with hours of hardship. It requires more frequent routine and time which is difficult especially when we are racing against time in our daily lives.

One of the convenient manners to ensure cleaner shelves is the use of Waterproof fridge mats. The Drawer Mat Sheets of PVC made are not only prevents the spills and leaks to pass on to the shelves but also require less effort to wipe clean them. The colorful variants provide an alternative to the users to choose and match them with the exterior of the refrigerator. They have longevity as they are less subject to turn yellow like normal transparent plastic mat sheets.

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