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How to Beautifully Include a Pooja Unit in Your Home

A pooja room is a unique divine element in the Indian homes which is often reflective of deep emotional and aspirational attachments. It is a sacred space for peaceful prayer and meditation. Independent houses and older homes usually have a designated prayer room. But, there are spatial constraints in modern living, apartments don’t come with a pooja room. Thankfully there are many ways to design this home temple unit in smaller spaces.

Often people go by pooja room vaastu principles to identify the direction and position of their pooja units. Some others may follow just space availability at home. Either way, we bring you several elegant ideas here to help you design a spiritual space to your liking.

Contemporary Small Pooja Room

If you have a designated room for prayer, it’s a good idea to design the small space with a mix of contemporary patterns and traditional elements like the one below. You can choose decorative doors to define the room. Arrange your idols, photographs, and lamps elegantly on shelves and on the wall to complete the space.

Tips and Tricks if you Don’t Have a Specific Pooja Room

1. A Cluster of Ledges can Transform an Entire Wall to a Pooja Area

Spread out wall shelves in a symmetrical pattern on a portion of the wall to give you a bigger pooja space. This way, very less square footage is utilized in the room. Or use a mix of ledges and other small furniture to create an eclectic space on the wall.

2. Traditional Wooden Pooja Room

A sleek or traditionally carved wooden shelf with storage kept on the floor can be turned to a pooja unit in any of your rooms. You can decorate around it with a floor rug to meditate on, murals behind, and with traditional patterns on the floor.

3. Just a Ledge on the Wall

A simple shelf on the wall with storage in a room corner can give you just enough space for your idols, lamps, prayer books and any other accessories. The ledge itself can be intricate, traditional or tile-laid if you want to. Hang idol photos around the ledge to complete the pooja space. You can place it in a comfortable nook in your home, giving you that much needed spiritual calm as you go through your daily activities.

4. Go Traditional With Marble Pooja Unit Designs

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5. A Space for Quiet in Redundant Corners

Convert a wall niche, a storage room, a hallway or any less-used corner to a neatly designed pooja space with ample lighting and storage. Thoughtfully and tastefully designed, this could become the best use of space in your home, which you earlier didn’t know how to make use of.