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How to take care for your Curtains?

Curtains plays the big role in decorating the home and giving a new look and feel to the home. A good Curtain can filter the sun rays and improve the attractiveness of your home. It also protects your interior from small insects, polluted air and dust.

Every home deserves an inimitable character and a special touch. And if you are looking to change the home decor and furnishings, something like buying curtains can be a good idea.

History of curtains: Curtains were invented by the great Egyptians in early 3100 B.C. to the 3rd Century B.C., they used them during their entire rule. They were using curtains made with animal hides and hung in doorways with hooks. Through the years the Egyptians started using textiles from flax and linen in the beginning, followed by wool, silk, and cotton.

The current century has proved that everything is possible in terms of curtains. With apparatus and technology making extraordinary improvements, one can design and make any style or size of curtain as per their choice. These curtains are hung over windows and doors for privacy, warmness, and decoration, and they are being used in large rooms as dividers and in offices for many purposes. They have infinite potential!

Ways to clean your curtains

Option 1: Use of Washing Machine: You canclean your lightweight curtains in washing machine as itโ€™s the simplest way of cleaning any fabric. But while putting the curtains into the machine make sure to remove all the hard parts from the curtains to avoid any damage or lose.

Option 2: Washing by Hand: washing your curtains with hands is the safer option than washing machine. Hand washing always reduce the risk of shrinking, and itโ€™s best for soft and dedicated material.

Option 3: Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning is the good option of cleaning if the curtains are heavy or when detaching curtains from the rails/rod. You should use good quality of steamer. Steamer should be use from some distance so that you can avoid causing wetness on curtains.

Option 4: Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning is undoubtedly the best way to clean the curtains efficiently. For dry clean your curtains, make sure to find a specialized dry cleaner. If the curtains are not dry cleaned by professionals, it can lead to losses the curtainโ€™s fabric structure. 

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