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Simple and Affordable Home Decor Ideas

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Playing with Interiors has become a crucial part of Home Decor. Today if you are looking for revolutionary and reasonable Home Decor ideas, then you must know how to play with your Interiors. Now, the fun fact is, your interior not only covers painting your walls, changing curtains of your rooms, etc.,  but it can also be something more simple and affordable. Yes, you read it right. Sometimes, just replacing a few things or changing their positions may also bring in a huge difference. If you want to know such crazy and fun ideas, then be with us till the end of the blog. Here we go!!

Get ready to dive into some amazing Home Decor Ideas!

1. Colour coordinated Cushion Covers

Cushion covers

Cushion covers are on the top list of our Home decor ideas. One thing that can brighten up your living space is by changing on the covers of your sofa cushions. These cushion covers are affordable and you may find them in different colours. One piece of advice is to not go over the top with colours. Match them with your living rooms surroundings and of course something different from your sofa covers.

2. Use Paintings to catch attention!


We all know that paintings are the finest pieces of Art. They not only portray emotions, but they are also an amazing part of home decor ideas. If you have a plain boring wall that needs some magic, go ahead and buy a beautiful and reasonable painting that can bring back life on the wall. You can even create patterns with smaller paintings that would hang on the wall.

3. Buy Table Covers

buy table covers

Well well, what we see today is that our center table or dining table is not often covered. But why? You have the option to buy beautiful table covers and table runners for your tables. They come in different patterns, which projects a positive and relaxed energy in the environment. You can easily buy table covers online at reasonable prices.

4. Place a mirror in the living room

living room

Using a bigger fancy mirror gives a classy look to your living room and it adds on to the drama. Now some of you may think, what’s the use of that mirror? Well, it can also be used to dress up for a party, when you have guests at home, and your guests would love it too. This is just a thought! We would also suggest that you place that mirror on the side wall where there is a table, so that you can keep a flower pot on it, and then maybe it can become a sweet little corner for you. Total eye candy!!

5. Buy Mattress Protectors and Pillow Protectors

mattress and pillow

Are you bored with typical bedsheets and pillow covers? Then why not switch to affordable and comfortable mattress protectors and pillow protectors? You can find them online in different colours and at reasonable prices. Here is an additional tip. We suggest that you colour coordinate them well. Don’t use too bright colours for your room, if your room is big. But, if its small, then avoid dark colours. These protectors also protect your mattress and pillow from dust, stains, water leakage, etc.

6. Fix in a unique Bookshelf

unique Bookshelf

We all have books at our homes, that may be just piling up in a corner or scattered. What about designing a beautiful and unique bookshelf for either your living room or your bedrooms. They add on to the look and also helps in organizing your books in the right manner. Perfect on the list of simple and affordable home decor ideas. There are many ideas online for creative bookshelves. You may get a hint from there as well. These are affordable and modernised too.

7. Put on some fairy lights in your bedroom!

lights in your bedroom

We all know how effective these cute little lights are, when it comes to enlighten your mood. Just choose the wall behind your bed and wallah!! At night, when you put on these lights, they will simply brighten up your room and your mood.

8. Keep indoor plants

Indoor plants

It has become a trend these days to place flower pots or indoor plants in your living room or in your bedrooms. This is one of the best home decor ideas. These plants not only enhance the beauty, but they also purify the air around you and bring in positive energy in the environment. A must to have!!

So guys, these were some of the amazing simple and affordable home decor ideas that you can imply. We know that you will surely love them. If you like our ideas, then do try them, and let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

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