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Taking care of Allergens and Pollutants at Home

In wake of the recent health scare that has jolted the nations across the globe despite their Development Index has prompted many to analyze If we as a generation has taken a responsive care of the wealth of nature that we inherited. The presence of allergens has become a part and parcel of our lives. We are exposed to these allergens not only outside our homes but also have to take care of them within the boundaries of our home so much so that they have now entered our bedrooms.

Most of the soft padding and furnishings that we have in our homes are the apt breeding grounds for many bacteria, virus, dust, bugs, irritants, etc. and requires a very dedicated maintenance schedule. With most of us running short of time due to our professional and personal commitments more than often we are exhausted to devote time to take care of such cleaning routines. Hence, something that needs a daily attention and careful attention has become an annual practice for most of us.

In lesser time than what most of us must have expected, these pollutants have slithered into our bedrooms. In most of the household bedrooms are regarded as the most protective, comforting and caring space. It is much more than just walls. It is the space one creates memories with our near and dear ones. It is a space that capsules the journey from our childhood to that of our children. The advent of allergens and / or irritants in such sacred space definitely compels us to ponder for ways to carefully address the issue. With most of us having nuclear and small family, our family members have become dearer.

According to a 2019 study conducted by Dyson and FRAC – FICCI research and Analysis Centre covering a sample of dust from mattresses, rugs and other soft furnishing items from about 100 households across Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi and after analysis discovered that allergens produced by cockroaches and dust mites including their faces, saliva and shredded body parts. are most commonly found in Indian household. According to Dr Vikram Jaggi, Director of the Asthama Chest and Allergy Centre in Delhi, dust allergens are the major contributors to the rapidly increasing allergies and respiratory problems amongst Indians.

It is thus extremely important to look for alternatives and make changes to our living style by adopting to the modern lifestyle that not only offers to take care of our health issues but also provide protective cover to our furnishings. Mattress protectorโ€“ Printed Mattress Protectors and / or Terry mattress protector available in all sizes and even in customized are effective and price cautious options. The use of Protectors not only take care of our near and dear ones but also creates a healthy allergen and pollution free environment at home.

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