Vashtu Shastra & Visual Art : An Integral Part of Decor Home

Why a piece of Visual Art compliments your lifestyle?

During the visual depiction of a scenario, the encapsulating elements such as emotions, objects, colors, and structures are important while choosing a perfect art piece for the paradise a.k.a home. Earlier, the concept of Expressionism, Cubism, Renaissance, Impressionism, Dadaism, Fauvism, or other great art movements were a portrayal of the existing time of the artist. Such art pieces were bought by aristocrats and other wealthy citizens to uplift the status from the general public. However, some artists conceptualized time as a metaphor for synergy between thoughts and space. Nowadays, art as a symbol of individualistic opinion stands out as the accepted culture.

The selection of an art is a subjective matter for an individual trying to decorate a space in accordance with their style. Preferential aspects such comfortability, alignment with décor, color palette, lighting, and acquisition of space are the factors affecting the choice of an individual. Assimilation of objects such as furniture, wall art, light source, etc. should incline with the individual mood of a room and the representation of such. In this blog we will discuss how paintings can enhance the mood of a room and the feeling induced in the person seeing it. Here are some ideas on how to choose a correct display for your room.

A Vivid Wave of Ideas and Color: A guide to choose a perfect display

1. Size of the art piece: Bigger the better?

There are different sizes in which a canvas or a picture is painted or shot. Size of a wall art range from oversized (100 cm in length) to mini (25 – 44 cm in length) with mini to be used in a collective fashion for the appropriate use of wall space.

Oversized wall art often is the focal point of the room or the home depending upon the placement of it. While the other sizes enhance the already imprinted color palette and existing furniture.

Rules –

  • Wall art should be 2/3rd of the size of the furniture.
  • Every painting in the home should be placed at least 15 centimeters above the existing furniture of the room.
  • A group of small paintings should be present to fill up the space in a stylish way.

2. Style it all you want:  A DIY Guide for Home Décor

Wall art in accordance with style is the best way to decorate a room as it includes all the unanswered questions such as which frame to pick, what type of art is needed, or the most crucial, how your choice will blend with every other element in the room? You can choose from various art like representation art such as Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci, surrealist art like The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, Dadaistic painting such as Nude Descending from Stairs by Marcel Duchamp, or the post-impressionism painting such as Starry Night Painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Although, each art piece has a way of portrayal amid the culture it existed first and over the time it gradually loses its hold over the conscience of individuals.

Vastu Shastra, the astrological science of India showcases the integral cultural practices for the precise inhibitions of the future by calculating the position of planetary objects and constellations. Major population prefers to incline their beliefs with knowledge of Vastu Shastra for an enhanced productive time, when starting something knew.

So, each item or the direction of its placement matters. Vastu Shastra includes the dominant color, position of furniture in each room, direction of a space according to sunrise and sunset, and the sleeping direction of a person. So, Vastu Shastra plays an important role in shaping the overall aesthetics of the home. Consult an expert of Vastu Shastra to increase the happiness and productivity at your home.

Points to remember: –

  • Modern contemporary furniture opens up possibility of using paintings of post-modern artists who use bold colors to induce a certain emotion.
  • Use wood to frame the canvas for a dark and bold outline for a good artwork.
  • A little research about the desired style is recommended.

3. Color Scheme: Spread the hues of your choice

Use of color scheme is crucial for the overall appeal of the room as it enhances the objective value of the items present in a room. You can build a color scheme which are welcoming and accepted by the guests such as the example of black fonts on a white background. There are two ways of choosing a color scheme; the first is using preexisting color of the room and choosing Visual art piece according to it or you can carefully plan a color scheme with hand-picked items from the start.

Points to remember:-

  • Background color of the Visual art piece should complement the color scheme of the wall and company.  
  • Take reference from the color scheme for a better evaluation of the things.
  • Presence of the Visual art piece should not exceed the overall vibe of the room type.
  • Choose lighter shades of the wall background for a better display of paintings.
  • Use different shades of a color to enhance the mood in a sequential manner.
  • Use of bold colors against neutral background gives a good outlook.
  • Different textures and lighting increases the feel of the painting

4. Effect of Lighting in a Room: Painting with Light

In a room, you can find ways to light it better and to add the nuance of other existing items such as furniture and wall color. Natural light entering the room illuminates it without any external source, making it the best way to use light. With use of glass panels such creeping light is best for light tones and dark textures. External light source as the primary lighting option should be placed on regular intervals as to eliminate the shadows created by single light source.

Points to remember:-

  • Lighter shade gives a dark undertone, which is best for producing a good picture.
  • Backlight around the painting highlights the art, emphasizing the nominal introducing to the onlooker.
  • Indirect natural light compliments the bold strokes on a painting, giving it a prominent outlook of the art piece and the wall. 
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Conclusion – Painting as a decorative piece in a room engages people in a conversation about the intricacies of the wall art, making the room livelier than before. Concluding the above, art defines a particular tone, mood, and lifestyle of a person, making it an important ordeal for people having different acquired tastes. So, choose it carefully.