Ac curtains

A guide to choosing AC curtains

Scorching sunny days are approaching every now and then which is undoubtedly a sign of upcoming rising temperatures. There is probably someone who doesn’t like to chill indoors under their air conditioners during such a ferocious season. Wait a minute! What did you say, you have a bland appearance of your AC? Do you possess a desire to complement its look with some exemplary accessory? In my opinion, AC curtains are one of the outstanding modes that can help you complement and transform the outlook of your interior instantly. Possibly AC curtains are highly efficient in transforming and enhancing the outlook of the home interiors.

Worried about which will suit exceptionally according to your choice and interiors of the home? Here are a few suggestions regarding AC curtains for home that are trending in 2021. Take a look.

Types Of AC Curtains

An interior of a house is actually incomplete without curtains and these are used for both purposes including functional and decorative. There is a huge variety in the category of curtains, then be it for open interiors, doors, windows or we discuss on AC curtains. A wide range of AC curtains involves different types of fabrics, textures, material, folding, etc. The material of the curtains can be fabric like satin, jacquard, satin, silk, cotton, matting, blackout, tulle, velvet, linen, taffeta, and chenille. One of the trendy materials of AC curtains is the PVC that makes curtains waterproof, oilproof, dust-proof, etc.

In the meanwhile, here, a few more types of curtains are explained that can help you put your finger on the right curtain. These are as follows:

Sliding or swing: 

These types of curtains are one of the traditional types of curtains that consist of fabric canvases moving right and left where its controlling can be manual, mechanical, and electrical as well.


Roller curtains are a perfect combo pack incorporating traditional and modern styles altogether. These create a perfectly assembled type of curtain where one can raise the whole of the curtain and fold it in the upper part. When it comes to controlling such curtains, it can be manual, mechanical, and electrical as well.


Drapes are the classic curtains that throughly covers open space with it’s multiple drapes to protect the penetration of bright sunlight entering inside the house. These types of curtains are made up of heavy fabrics as they are independently ample to transform the outlook of the house.


The semi-transparent curtains are one such curtain that is partially or completely covered and are made up of translucent fabrics. More often, these fabrics are used for decorative purposes. 

Plastic Curtains:

In the current scenario, plastic curtains are made one of the finest choices of the people as there is a wide variety of collections. It can be transparent, translucent, or opaque as well. Another brilliant specification of these curtains that these curtains are that such curtains are also available in fascinating printed textures. The material of such curtains is PVC that is water-resistant and oil-resistant and can be cleaned effortlessly.

These are some of the trending AC curtains that are driving people crazy in 2021. The best part is, now people can buy AC curtains online from various online platforms. In meanwhile Dream Care is one of the most reliable platforms for AC curtains.

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