How to take care of your Doormats?

After shifting in our new home, we always think about placing doormats at its entrance. Doormats are really useful for keeping the home clean. Thus, choosing the right doormat will enhance the look and cut the maintenance cost.

What Doormats do?

Doormats easily catch the dirt, dust, girt and many other abrasive substances, which can easily enter your home with shoe soles. So, we will suggest you place a doormat at every entrance in your home or office.

How to select a good Doormat?

Now the question which comes in our mind is how to select a perfect doormat for our home. We should keep a few things in our mind while choosing the doormats for our home, that is:

  1. Size of Doormats: always check the length and width of your entrance before buying the doormats, so that any person entering your home may use it in a proper manner.
  2. The shape of Doormats: doormats are available in various shapes like oval, rectangle, round and square. You should choose the doormat as per the interior. But we would recommend placing a rectangular shape of a doormat for main entrance as it can cover the maximum area.
  3. The material used to make doormat: doormats are available in many kinds of material like Plastic, rugs, jute, cotton, rubber, steel or other recycled materials. For the main entrance door, we will always recommend plastic or rubber made doormats as it can easily scrape the dirt, mud from shoes. For other doors, you can choose any cotton doormats.
  4. Design and colors of doormats: You should always choose the doormats as per your interior. Or for the main door, we will recommend a dark colored doormat. Or you can select some classy welcome written doormat.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Doormats

All the doormats need appropriate care and maintenance to increase their functionality. As we know that the doormats are available in many colours and materials, so every doormat needs different maintenance as per their requirements.  Here we will discuss the care and maintenance tips for entrance doormats.

  1. Regular cleaning: All doormats require regular cleaning. But this is especially important for main entrance doormats. As we all know,ย entrance doormatsย face a large amount of dirt, harsh weather, moisture and other particles. That is why you should clean your doormats on a regular basis to enhance life and functionality.
  2. Proper Storage and Handling: We should not fold the doormats as it may deplete the quality and functionality of the doormat. Also, after cleaning the mat, try to not fold it and lay it flat for dry.
  3. Fix or Replace old damage Doormats: You should check your doormats frequently for damages. You should fix or repair some minor damages. But you should immediately replace the old doormats if you found that itโ€™s totally damaged.

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