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Tips for the best Kitchen Care

Having a beautiful kitchen is a great investment that deserves the best of care. Here are few care tips for these jewels to keep glistening.

1. Cleanliness is the end word

No preparation can end without cleaning of the kitchen, postponing the idea will only make it tough allowing the surface to corrode.

2. Each one with its own

The use of specific products for surface is an investment that will be rewarded with extended years of duration and quality. Use them and follow the cleaning recommendations that come with each of the appliances in your kitchen.

3. Cold cleaning

Induction and stove should not be cleaned until they have cooled down. Not only for the safety of the cleaner, but also to prevent scratches and stains on them.

4. Smoothness and speed

Using soft sponges to clean up the surfaces that get dirty, will avoid scratching by the use of abrasive products.

5. Purify

The gas diffusers usually get blockage over a period of time. It is advisable to submerge the burners in a solution of water, vinegar and bicarbonate. One can repeat the same on monthly basis to ensure smooth functioning of the gas stove burners.

6. Be careful with water

If you have electric appliances in your kitchen, protect them from water. Clean it with a damp sponge and make sure it dries up thoroughly. Or if you use glass bottle so make sure you use bottle cover

7. Things to Avoid

Avoid acids such as lemon and vinegar, if it is glass then be careful with sharp objects; common sense is always essential.

8. Cover to Avoid Dust

Cover the kitchen with table mats and shelf mats to avoid dust collation. PVC is 100% stain resistant, waterproof and keeps surfaces/shelves as new. The PVC mats can be easily clean using a wet cloth.

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