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Kitchen Care Tips

We completely understand how difficult it is, to choose the right kitchen and we want to assure it stays looking brand new for years to come. So, we’ve come up with the following care and maintenance tips to ensure that you know what to do to clean and maintain your kitchen.

General Care

Just like all kitchen appliances the most common problems arise as a result of the objects being subjected to excessive and prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. Here are some simple tricks to help prevent heat and moisture damaging your kitchen.

  • Always ensure that water spillage is not left around the sink area after use as this causes damage to the appliances.
  • In case the liquid is spilt on the shelves, please ensure that you not only wipe their front and back but the undersides as well.
  • Do not open the dishwasher doors immediately after the cycle completes. Do allow the appliance to cool down completely before removing the items from it.
  • Never place any item that generates heat such as kettles, toasters, coffee machines or air fryers directly under the wall as their heat or steam will cause the shelves above to either melt or absorb moisture.
  • Never bake and grill with the appliance doors open.
  • When using your chimney please ensure that the vent is out of the room and unclogged.
  • If you are using a glass cleaner on glazed units, please make sure that the cleaner comes into contact with the glass as the chemicals within the cleaning product could harm the finish of your kitchen.
  • Cover up your kitchen with kitchen mats and shelf mats to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt that can cause stains on your beautiful kitchen.
  • make sure you use the covers for different appliances like bottle cover , RO cover and cylinder cover

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