How to give good care to your LED TV?

LED TV is an expensive asset and it’s not possible to invest in it too often. We will advise you to know the life of your LED TV. But by some simple tips of maintenance we can expend the lifespan of our LED TV. So, just take some time from your busy life and give some extra care to your precious LED TV by using below tips:


We will suggest you to use the LED TV and LED TV cover at room temperature for maintain its best functioning.

  1. It’s a high chance that the life of LED TV might be shortened when it is used under conditions of high temperature.
  2. Brightness and response time of LED ca be affected in low temperature of 10°C or lower.
  3. The LED TV might get affected when it has exposed to the drastic fluctuation of temperature like hot to cold or cold to hot.

We will suggest to always keep the LED TV in clean space and keep away the TV from dust or liquid it, it is also recommended to LED TV cover online

  1. If you keep your LED in dust place, it can cause an electrical short inside the product causing in a malfunction
  2. If LED TV is polluted by humid or liquid substance, the polarizer may be discoloured. If any such element enters the TV to cause electrical fiasco or decomposition which, in turn, can lead to malfunction
  3. Use Dream care waterproof, dustproof PVC LED cover for your TV, it’s available in beautiful colour and patterns.  The zip enclosure makes them easy to slip over the TV without removing it from the hanger. It comes with 2-layer protection – Printed PVC layer to give beautiful option and transparent PVC that provides a clear view while cover is still on. These covers protect the TV and the electronic circuits in TV from dust and other harmful particles.

As LED is a product made of glass, so, we should take care a few points while using it. We will suggest you handle it with caution as any shock, vibration, and careless handling may really affect the TV.

  1. The LED surface is made of a thin-film that is susceptible to scratch and can be damaged by any sharp object.
  2. Since the LED is made of glass, it can be damaged easily if it is bent. If it receives a strong shock, the glass can be broken.
  3. The LED product is composed of complex electronic parts and components. Therefore, it must be grounded by ESD protection equipment before it is directly handled.
  4. It is recommended that the TV must be handled with soft gloves during Assembly, etc. The LED surface is made of thin film, susceptible to scratches and can be damage by a sharp object.
  5. Don’t try to twist or stretch the back-light wire.
  6.  It is suggested that the TV surface be cleaned. You must clean it daily by any cotton cloth.

As LED is sensitive electronic equipment, you should take care of few important points while using the LED TV.

  1. Never try to disassemble your LED TV in home, under any situations. It should be disassembling or assembling by only professionals’ operators.
  2. When your TV is not in use, you should turn off the screen.
  3.  It is suggested that the product has to be stored in a cool and dry place only.
  4. Kindly try to dispose of the LED as per the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Don’t leave your screen on when you are not watching.
  • Turn the LED TV off, let it cool for a few minutes, and then unplug the TV.
  • Clean the frame of LED RV with a microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • Do make sure you keep it well ventilated.
  • Keep your LED away from water.
  • Turn off the TV through remote then through the switch.
  • Let the screen dry completely before you plug the TV back in.
  • Adjust contrast levels. The higher the contrast more power the TV uses, set it to “standard”.
  • Do mount it against the wall for best result.
  • Adjust your TV brightness.

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