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Tips to Maintain Your LED

In this blog you will come to know that how you can maintain your expensive LED TV.

Maintaining your LED will save you the cost of repairing and most importantly, will increase the life of your flat screen. Many a times, we forget to do the little things, like turning the TV off, and sometimes, the voltage in the power is unchecked which leads to spikes in electricity degrading the internal circuits. The arch enemy of any electronic device is dust, which creates a short circuit and damages the screen beyond repair. Below are the simple yet essential care tips to maintain your LEDs.

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1. Turn off regularly

The lifecycle of an LED is about sixty-five thousand hours. However, if you forget to turn it off while sleeping, its lifespan will consequently decrease. Maybe after two years, it might demand repair. Avoid it simply, by switching it off regularly.

2. Use a voltage regulator

Voltage spikes damage your LEDs to a great extent. They generally happen when there is a power cut and when the power comes back all of a sudden. Fluctuations may also happen during continuous power supply or thunderstorm and lightning. Use a voltage regulator to take care of your LED and other electronic equipment.

3. Optimal brightness

Adjusting the brightness to maximum at all times can reduce the lifespan of your LED. It is not advisable if you care for your flat screen to function for long. High brightness causes eye strain as well, so it is better to keep it at an optimal level.

4. TVs also need to breathe

Your flat screen LED requires a decent space for ventilation. It generates a lot of heat due to the heavy amount of electricity used. It is best to keep your TV in a space without humidity.

5. Avoid low temperatures

Low temperatures create condensation which can seep into other vital parts inside your LED. Hence, if you care for your LED it is recommended not to turn them on in freezing temperatures.

6. Keep the sharp objects away

Sharp objects can destroy your screen easily and create an unrepairable damage since the LED screens are much thinner. So keep such objects carefully away as much as you can.

7. Clean your TV from time to time

It is recommended that you get LED cleaners. Sometimes, dust collects on the screen, affecting visibility. Never! I mean never, use water to clean the screen. Anti-static electricity cleansers are the only solution.

8. Keep dust away

I repeat, dust is detrimental to your LEDโ€™s health. It can, settle on your screen and on the insides of your LED screen set. It can make your TV respond slowly. Cover your LEDs with a dustproof PVC cover to keep the dust and allergens at bay.

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