9 way to get more sleep naturally

9 Ways to get more sleep naturally

A quality life requires healthy sleep habits. A sound sleep can create a meaningful transformation in someone’s life. For a healthy and sound sleep we will recommend some sleep practices on a regular basis:

9 way to get more sleep natually with dream care mattress protector

1. Stick to a sleep schedule:

We will recommend you to follow a single sleep schedule for bedtime and wake-up time for every day. It will create and maintain a body’s clock and help you to fall asleep easily.

2. Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual:

For good sleep, you should try to do some relaxing routine activity right before bedtime. You can switch off the lights and avoid using the TV, laptop or mobile phone as it can give you stress or anxiety.

3. Avoid day time naps:

If you are taking afternoon naps and can’t sleep at night, we will recommend you to avoid these kinds of naps.

4. Exercise daily:

Regular exercising is good for health as well as you sleep. We will suggest you make a routine for exercise and practice the same daily.

5. Evaluate your room:

You should design your bedroom as per the condition you need for sleep. Make room temperature little cool, make your bedroom free from any type of noise and light. You should avoid installing a TV in your bedroom.

6. Use a comfortable mattress and pillows:

Buy only a comfortable and supportive mattress. Life of mattresses are only 9 to 10 years, try to change it after that. Along with mattresses, you should buy comfortable pillows. Your bed should be clean and dry for that you can use Dream Care mattress protectors and pillow protectors which gives the gentle protection to your mattress and pillows and prevent them from dust, dirt, wetness and bugs.

7. Avoid bad eating habits:

For better sleep, you should avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and heavy meals in the night. These types of food can disrupt sleep. Eating spicy food before the bedtime can interrupt the comfort and digestion.

8. Wind down:

Try to do some calming activity before bedtime for better sleep. You can do some activity like reading or listening to calm music. An electronic device like a laptop or mobile phones can affect your sleep, avoid such electronics before bedtime.

9. Consult to a doctor:

After practicing all of the above methods if you’re still having trouble sleeping, consult to your doctor or to find a sleep professional. 

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