terry mattress protector

An Investment to get husband’s savior

Rarely one realizes about the investment in a product that one is forced to buy, until the day comes when it saves the day. Like perhaps most of the adamant husbands when it comes to approve the wife’s choice in actual (though seldom does one expresses it), I too was quite apprehensive about buying the waterproof cover for our mattresses. We were blessed with our first baby and there were lot other things for me to focus on – cradle, soft toys, bedding, shoes and dresses to drape our bundle of joy. To care about the mattress was nowhere on my radar. Punctilious that my wife is (perhaps it comes to her being an educationalist) strangely picked up this set of two mattress protectors. Beaming with excitement she said “It’s a very good deal – buy one Waterproof Printed or Terry Mattress Protector and get 50% off on the second one”; and I wanted to quiz “Really! Why? For Whom – Us or Baby?” But then I opted to silently surrender.

In preparation of the baby’s home coming there was preparation at full swing in our home. We temporarily shifted our abode in a nearby apartment with limited furnishings. My parents in law were visiting us and decided to stay with us and spend quality time with my wife and baby.  While preparing the bed at night, as perhaps often happens, my wife too decided to use the newly bought Mattress Protector for my in laws room. She recited the numerous pluses – dust resistant, smooth, anti-allergen and perhaps many more that I cannot even recall right now. Needless I was apprehensive and quite opposed to idea as it appeared to be an unnecessary clutter. But little as most of the wife care, my veto stood null and void and motion was passed in her favor.

While I was still wondering about the discomfort an extra piece of cover will cause to my in-laws, I was ordered to prepare tea for everyone. Rarely have I entered kitchen ever since I got married, but it was an opportunity for me to portray the obedient and caring husband I am, so grabbed the same with both hands. I used all my obsolete talent to use but while serving the tea, the clumsiness that has slipped into me due to lack of practice, was hit by Murphy’s Law. Despite my best efforts to save the day I couldn’t save the poor mattress with the hot shower of tea.

Though I wanted to shout the trophy winner for the same to the mattress protector online to add to the clumsiness, little I realized that in fact the same product that appeared to be a villain ever since my wife picked it up from the store was the caring savior of the day. Despite the fact that the bed sheet went for a toss, the poor waterproof terry mattress protector took the wrath of the hot tea on itself without a drop on our costly mattress.

That moment I learnt two lessons – “Listen to Wife” and “Mattress Protectors are smart buy not for babies but also for adults”.

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