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How to take care of your mattress?

The new mattresses you buy is with a warranty but they require ‘special care’ to take full advantage of their lifetime, care, and cosiness levels. By following some ways, you can give good care to your mattress and get a good return on investment:

  1. Turn the Mattress Frequently

If you don’t want some area of the mattress to show signs of settlement to excess weight then it is essential that mattresses are turned at least once a month – this allows the mattress to settle evenly and stay comfy for longer.

  • Have It Aired Out

After purchasing a new mattress, you need to air it out for a few hours, this will allow any remaining ‘unpleasant odour’ to evaporate. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to remove covers at every available opportunity and ventilate for around 30 minutes, this will ensure that your mattress is moisture-free and fresh.

  • Vacuum your Mattress

By vacuuming your mattress regularly, you can keep your mattress clean and dust-free.

  • Use Dream Care Mattress Protector: Give your mattress gentle care!!

Everyone should invest in a quality mattress protector cover to protect their new investment from all the irritants which can be inside your mattress, as well as the moisture generated from sweat. Many protectors are available but for ultimate protection, we recommend using a Dream Care Waterproof Terry Mattress Protector– not only it gives your mattress assured safety, but also keeps your mattress safe from dust, bed-bugs, stain, liquid and bacteria. It will provide an extra amplified layer of soft comfort to mattresses.

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