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How to take care of your Mattress?

The quality of sleep depends on the quality of bed sheet and the overall appearance of the bedroom. thus, we should always take care of bed sheets, and our Mattress requires proper care and maintenance. You can follow below tips for best bedding in shape:

Follow care instructions

We always find the care instructions labels along with the mattress protector  and other fabric items we purchase. These labels indicate the washing instructions, drying method and many other tips. We recommend you to read and follow these care instructions. People usually ignore these instructions. By following these instructions, we can launder our bedsheets properly and keep them in the best possible condition.

Be careful while using cleaning products

Always wash your bedsheets with a mild detergent or any normal detergent but in low quantity. Too much use of detergent can make the colour of your mattress protector cover fade and / or can even lead to damage of the bedsheetโ€™s fabric. Also, avoid using bleach on your bedsheet.

Remove stain first before putting Mattress in the washer

Some stains like oil spots, grease stains or blood stains are common on bedsheets. You should clear these spots separately before washing the whole bedsheet. For oil and grease stains you can simply use dishwashing soap or liquid. For any other stains, you just need to make a thick paste by mixing your detergent powder with water and rub this paste and / or solution on the stain, it will clear the spot immediately.

Dry your mattress properly

After washing, drying is the main task, we should dry the bed sheet by the line-dry method. For cotton bedsheets tumble-dry method is the best. Donโ€™t dry the bed sheet in the too-hot dryer because it can make the bedsheetโ€™s colour faded. You can iron the bed sheets for removing the wrinkles.

Use Dream Care waterproof mattress cover

We often like to have our breakfast and some food on the bed, but having food on the bed often increase the possibility of its spillage on the mattress. Protect your Mattress by using Dream Care waterproof mattress cover.

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