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How to Maintain Your Microwave Oven!

Microwave ovens have become a necessity for every home. It has reduced it all to just the press of the button, this appliance warms your food, defrosts frozen and even cook meals for you, right from raw in just a few seconds.

The demand of this appliance has grown over the years, for its efficiency. Since microwave ovens are daily used, it’s important that you take care of them well. Here are some Care Tips that will keep your microwave functioning longer than you expected.

Tip 1: Weekly Cleaning

The easiest way to keep your microwave running for years is to clean it once a week. Are you aware that food and liquid stains in the microwave absorb energy too? Plus, they leave an unusual smell if not regularly cleaned.

Heat a cup of water in the microwave for at-least 2 minutes. Once the steam loosens the splatters, clean it with a cloth. Once cleaned, unplug the microwave and keep the door open until it is completely dried up.

Tip 2: Place It Right

Make a cabinet for the microwave or buy a microwave stand. Ensure that you leave a good 3 inches away from the wall and on the sides, as the body of the microwave will heat up when used. The vents from the side releases heat so remove all covers or use Microwave Oven Cover that lets the heat out. Make sure the microwave wire and electrical socket is nearby so the wire is not stretched.

Tip 3: Don’t Put These in The Microwave

Knowing what shouldn’t be going into the microwave can really prevent kitchen accidents. Avoid heating food with paper wraps and bags, they can release toxins that could catch fire. Putting any silver foils, metal bowls, plastic containers in the microwave oven can cause a fire in the appliance. We recommend using hard glass, ceramic and plastic containers specifically labelled for microwave oven use.

Tip 4: Prevent Door Damage

Most of us slam the microwave door instead of closing them gently. We may not perceive but slamming the door can cause serious damage to the microwave latch in the long run.

Most microwave oven door clasp mechanism have 3 switches that needs to be closed carefully and gently. Closing the door harshly can destroy the switches. Also once closed, the microwave door should be sealed, a safety feature, designed to keep radiation contained.

Tip 5: Know Its mass limitations

Usually, there is nothing to worry about the microwave’s weight capacity as most meals and food items are within its capacity. However, sometimes while microwaving large size frozen items and heavier dishes, you should keep a check on the weight capacity of the unit. The information is available on the door or in the user’s manual. Extremely heavy items could mechanically exhaust the turntable and the motor leaving it damaged.

Tip 6: Protect It with A Cover 

The machine should be protected from dust, water splashes, food stains which can cause serious damage and reduce the life of the appliance. The microwave should be covered with Microwave Oven Cover when not in use to avoid such mishaps and increase its health.

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