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Pillow talk 101: All that cares for your pillows

There are two different kinds of people when it comes to pillows. Those who buy new pillows regularly. You see them buying stacks of fluffy new pillows and wonder where are these large amount of cash coming from for all those new pillows. Then there are those who prefer to enjoy their drool-covered, flattened to a few inches and discolored old pillows. Fortunately, most of us fall somewhere in between those two extremes.

Apart from this when you buy expensive pillow then it is recommended to buy pillow cover as well for the longevity of expensive pillows.

Whether you have a pillow-purchasing problem or prefer your old faithful, we’re sharing best practices that can keep your pillows in good condition so they always look fresh. The bellow questions will help you care for those pillows.

Can I Wash my Pillows?

Some people prefer new pillows when the old ones lose their freshness, but many pillows can be washed in regular laundry cycles and dried to almost โ€œgood as new”. But before tossing your pillows into the machine, be sure to read the laundry instructions.

Which Pillows can be Washed?

Most synthetic pillows can be washed and dried easily. You can even wash and dry feather pillows.Memory foam pillows cannot be machine washed so put them in the sun to be dried and disinfected.

How to Wash Pillows?

If your pillow is not made of memory foam, it’s pretty simple to clean them in the washing machine.

1. Check the laundry care tag for instructions.

2. Remove the cover.

3. Balance your washer. Wash only two pillows at a time.

4. Add cleaning solution to the dispenser.

5. Wash your pillow in the longest, hottest cycle.

6. Run your pillows through an extra rinse and spin cycle.

Now you can dry them.

Can Pillows Be Dried?

Yes! Pillows that be washed, can also be dried. Here’s how we recommend drying pillows:

1. Add dryer balls in the dryer with pillows.

2. Let them dry completely. Check them every 15 minutes.

How Often Should I Change My Pillow Protectors?

You should change the covers as often as you change your bed sheets, about once a week. We recommend using Waterproof Pillow protector that extends the life of the pillow by blocking perspiration, spills, and stains, yet is air permeable to keep you dry and cool.