Pillow cover

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Pillow cover

Pillows add personality to your couch and bed, and also give an extra layer of plush pillow comfort, with little to no efforts required. Yet the pillows always get a backlash when they make their debut into a new space. We hardly take care of these so necessary objects. Buy using pillow protector you can protect your pillow efficiently.

Even we have mentioned best quick tips to care for your throw pillows:

Act Before You Think

Literally. If you spill on your pillow, do something about it immediately. Salt, soda water, bleachโ€ฆ whatever it takes! Being prepared with your stain treatment is the first thing thatโ€™ll help you care for your pillows.

Give Them a Face lift

Do your pillows have a removable protector or cover? Removable covers are definitely the preferred option. You can reuse the same repeatedly and have the freedom to change the look of your home whenever you want. Get rid of that pesky stain and give your space a new look.

Wash Your Pillows

Yes, pillows can be washed, and yes, they must be washed. First remove your cover. You should wash your pillow and the cover separately. Most pillow cover will have a washing instruction label. Wash accordingly. The pillow and the cover must be washed separately with warm water and a mild detergent.

Air It Out

After you wash the pillow cover, hang them out to dry in the air. If youโ€™re not washing it, giving it some fresh air could be just the thing to freshen it up.

Fluff the Stuff

This is the easiest way of pillow maintenance. Fluffing your pillows will keep them in shape and give your space a fresh look. If your pillow doesnโ€™t have enough volume, it probably means that the stuffing is still wet. Place the pillows in the sun for a few hours and it will add volume again.

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