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Wash Your Pillows perfectly

In this blog we will aid you to effectively wash your pillows, for their long lasting life.

It’s pretty obvious to wash your sheets once a week. You spend a lot of time in your bed and hence want to make sure it is clean. But often, the pillows itself gets neglected. It seems odd that an object of such close proximity to your head all the time doesn’t get washed that often. In most cases, you remember to wash your pillows twice a year. Maintaining a clean bed is a good start to getting a good night’s sleep. You won’t want to miss out on this article on pillow and pillow cover washing instructions.

Determine Your Course of Action

Most pillows and their covers can actually be thrown into the washing machine, but double check first before you do. If the pillow is made of cotton, down, or synthetic materials, you can toss it in the machine. But in case of memory foam pillow, you’ll have to hand wash. Washing machines and driers are too rough on the sensitive memory foam and the pillow might lose its qualities.

Looking to Wash by Hand

Remove the pillow cover which can be washed in the machine. Fill a tub with warm water, till a level to submerge the pillow completely. Add a tablespoon of detergent per pillow and mix it in the water evenly. Soak the pillow in the water. Rub and squeeze the pillow to dislodge dirt and let the water seep through each layer.  When the pillow has been properly cleaned, take it out and rinse with fresh water. Be patient because it will take a long time but your pillow will finally be healthy.

Take it Away!

After understanding these basic rules, washing your pillow will not be very daunting task as it might seem. Take a step ahead on your personal hygiene and make sure that you are sleeping on clean pillows! Cover it up with a pillow protector to keep it clean for long.