Are you still taking care of Refrigerator top using sheets of paper and fabric?

Refrigerator top

Many of us still believe in utilizing the glossy magazine section of our old newspapers or stitching an old piece of fabric to form cover and dress our appliances. This is a practice that die hard. It is a practice that has exchanged hands across generations and in many cases have become a habit that is hard to change. Even if we spend money and buy sensitive embroidered and delicate fabric appliance cover, we usually keep them aside to be used for occasions rather than subjecting them to the rigor of daily routine life. Such delicate covers are to be handled with more care than perhaps the appliance itself. The top of the refrigerator can more than often be seen covered with the sheet of newspaper or a fabric cover. Apart from our psyche there is a very little protection these sheets of paper and fabric provides to the top of the newspaper against the tough daily routine that the top of the refrigerator is subjected to.

More than other, the refrigerator top is sued as the helping shelf while taking out or placing things inside the refrigerator. During the process not only, the top is subjected to extreme temperature variations and moisture but also spillage, leaks etc. The top being the easily accessible and in sight place, is an easy choice to stock extra edibles that need not necessarily be put inside the refrigerator. These includes eggs, jams, fruits, etc. Besides the edibles the other routine utility items such as keys, stationery items, extra coins, etc. are common items adding to the chaos. In a rush to locate and pick something from the middle of this turmoil does become a pesky task.

The use of sheets of paper not only absorbs and passes on the spill and leak to the surface of the refrigerator but with time sticks to the same. Papers attracts cockroaches as they along with other bugs uses the moisture trapped in the seam of the papers and consumes the glue and other spillage to breed between the sheet cover and the top of the refrigerator. The food and / or fruit stains though not visible often attracts houseflies, mosquitoes, ants and other insects who contaminate the surface.

The change in our lifestyle calls for change and to break away from the traditional manner to look and address issues. In modern times, being healthy and organized has become equally important as keeping our living environment clean. Waterproof and dust proof PVC covers provide a cost effect and easy respite. Not only does it protect the fridgeโ€™s top from spillage and leaks but also the storage pockets in its side fall helps in providing ample storage space to be used for storing documents, stationery, coins, etc. and make the surface look more welcoming and less messy.

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