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Keep Your Fridge Fresh and Clean

Before you turn to the inside of the fridge, there are a few other components that need cleaning or maintenance periodically, starting with the drip pan. For the longevity of fridge it is recommended to use fridge cover.

Modern refrigerators don’t require defrosting, but that doesn’t mean they don’t produce frost. The new frost-free models have small heaters that run on timers to melt this buildup at regular intervals. The heaters melt the frost and through the drainage system this frost moves and get collected in a shallow pan beneath the refrigerator. It gradually evaporated from the pan.

Check your manufacturer’s manual for the location of the drip pan and instructions on how to remove it. Remove and thoroughly clean the pan at least twice a year, to take care of any odors or potential infestation. Check the drain hole to make sure that it is clear.

You should also refer to the manual if your refrigerator has a connected icemaker or a water dispenser, because then it probably also has a water filtration system. With most refrigerators, you will have to order and replace the replacement filters from the manufacturer after certain months.

Finally, check and clean the door seals every few times a year. The folds and creases can collect crumbs causing significant buildup affecting the seal enough for the cold air to leak out. Use a toothbrush and lukewarm, soapy water to rub clean all around the seals on the refrigerator and freezer doors.

Door seals get loosen up and reduce the proper tight sealing of the door on account of being cracked or warped. If you suspect this problem might arise, test your seal by placing a paper in the affected area. Close the door on it and try to slide the paper out. If it slides out easily, you know you have an issue with the door seal. Check the manual on how to replace the seal of your specific model.

Put a fridge top cover on refrigerator to save it from the dust and allergens. You can select from a range of dust proof Fridge Mats which are made from PVC and hence doesn’t let the dust rest on the body.

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