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Care to keep your Lehengas afresh?

Over years, Lehenga still has remained the popular choice over generations as a wedding attire. Irrespective of its make and fabric or whether it has been picked up from designer showroom or shopped from a store, it still holds a memory – of time and energy invested to research and finally freeze that “Yes this is the one!”. 

The following steps ensure that one can not only have but also hold on to one’s treasure but also preserve the sheen of the lehenga with tender and care:

  1. Avoid hanging the lehenga in closet: Lehenga with its rich and sensitive fabric loaded with rich embroidery and numerous embellishments, is a heavy garment and hence should be avoided to be hanged in a closet using a wire hanger like any other routine clothes. Hanging the lehenga may result in weighing down its seam and losing the shape.
  2. Avoid excessive folding: Lehenga, unlike other routine dresses cannot be stuffed in the closet. It has to be carefully folded along the panel lines by taking care of the embroidery and embellishments. It is always advised to start folding from the outer edges and proceed inwards by making small folds. Place acid-free tissue or butter paper between each fold. This prevents embellishments and threads of embroiders to entangle resulting in the puled thread and/or missing stones.
  3. One must ensure not to miss a dry cleaning routine each time after using Lehenga. This ensures it is free from stains and sweat marks that if ignored may result in patching or discoloring of the fabric.
  4. Before storing the lehenga, do iron the lehenga along with the lowest temperature by spreading muslin cloth over the lehenga. This ensures to maintain the crease.
  5. For storing the lehenga, it must be wrapped in tissue paper or muslin cloth of right size that can envelop the entire lehenga. This protects the lehenga from moisture and forms protective layer that prevents entanglement of threads and embellishments.
  6. It is advisable to store the lehengas in cool and moisture free place that do not expose the fabric to direct sunlight and insects or moths.
  7. Lehenga should be stored in proper space where it is not to be crumbled. This help to minimize the damage to crease and help in maintaining its pristine self.
  8. Lehenga should be taken out and let in open for its fabric to breathe. Re-folding the lehenga will ensure that creases do not settle down as permanent.

Out of numerous alternatives one of the most cost effective and easy to handle option is PVC Made Saree cover and Lehenga Covers. They protect the dress and its color with the direct exposure of the light. It ensures an environment that’s free from dust, Moisture and insects. Being flexible they can be easily stored under the bed, inside the large cupboard or closet without taking away lots of space.

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