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How to keep your Lehengas fresh?

Over decades, Lehenga nevertheless has stayed the favorite option within generations as a wedding gown. Regardless of its creation and cloth or whether it’s been picked up from a designer handbag or shopped out of a shop, it still retains a memory — time and energy spent to research and eventually suspend that”Yes this is one!” .

It is also recommended to buy saree cover for the best protection of your saree and expensive lehengas. You can buy saree covers online as well. 

The next measures guarantee you can Not Just have but also continue to one’s treasure but also preserve the sheen of this lehenga with care and tender:

  1. Avoid hanging the lehenga in the cupboard: Lehenga with its rich and sensitive cloth filled with abundant embroidery and lots of antiques, is a hefty garment and therefore should be prevented from hanging in a cupboard utilizing a cable hanger just like any other regular clothes. Hanging the lehenga might bring about weighing its seam down and losing the contour.
  2. Stay away from excessive fold: Lehenga, contrary to other regular dresses, can’t be full of the cupboard. It needs to be carefully folded across the panel lines by caring for the antiques and antiques. It’s always recommended to begin folding out of the outer borders and move inwards by creating little folds. Put acid free butter or tissue paper between every fold. This prevents ribbons and vases of embroiders to entangle leading to pulled thread or lost stones.
  3. An individual has to ensure not to overlook the dry cleaning routine every time after using Lehenga. This implies that it is absolutely free of stains and perspiration marks which if ignored may lead to patching or discoloration of this cloth.
  4. This guarantees to keep the crease.
  5. For keeping the lehenga, it has to be wrapped into a tissue paper or muslin fabric of size that may envelop the whole lehenga.
  6. It’s sensible to keep the lehengas in moisture and cool free locations which don’t expose the cloth to direct sun and insects or moths.
  7. Lehenga should be saved in appropriate space where it’s to not be crumbled. This help to decrease the harm to crease and aid in keeping its pristine ego.
  8. Lehenga ought to be removed and allowed in reception because of its cloth to breathe. Re-folding that the lehenga will guarantee that creases don’t settle as permanent.

Saree Cover protects the expensive sarees and its own colour with the immediate exposure of this lighting. It ensures that an environment that is free of dust, insects and fleas. Getting flexible they are readily kept under the bed, within the huge cabinet or cabinet without taking a lot of room