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How To Keep Your Sarees As Good As New

This clarifies why handloom sarees require managing with a great deal of care and attention since they’re incredibly fragile. These sarees may be prone to environmental corrosion, staining and wear & tear and keeping them may be very tricky. It is obviously preferable to provide it to reputable and professional dry cleansers for wash. You might need to pay more but it is your money’s value as your saree is going to be tended for with extreme caution.

However, in case you can’t have your saree dry, then you have to take things into your own hands, actually. Stick to these expert recommendations to take care of your own handloom sarees and prevent inadvertent laundry errors which may hurt them permanently.

The Way to clean a handloom saree:

Before washing your sarees using soap, then maintain them soaked in salt water for a while.

  1. But do not maintain them soaked in water immediately, or perhaps for longer period as It Might lead to discoloration
  1. After scrubbing, rinse with cold water 2-3 days before going to scrub with a detergent
  1. Invest in great quality, gentle detergents from reputed manufacturers to wash your sarees.
  1. Wash it off fast
  1. Don’t use a brush for stains, as it could easily tear the cloth
  1. Bear in mind, handloom sarees are extremely delicate therefore NEVER use hot water to clean your sarees.
  1. Never wash your pricey handloom sarees at a washing machine
  1. When it’s an oily stain, say from meals, sprinkle talcum powder onto it and wait until it soaks at the oiliness.
  1. For drinks or gravy stains, then dip a cotton ball in pure gas and wash it off
  1. For tougher stains, It’s a Good Idea to take it into a dry cleaner to get a longer professional wash
  1. Drying a handloom saree post clean takes patience and time.
  1. Keep away from direct sun when drying out a saree because it may result in cloth discoloration.
  1. Never wring it out the water to prevent permanent creases
  1. Wrap the saree in fresh, absorbent, light colored tissues/towels and press gently
  1. Garments with bleeding colours may damage the cloth.
  1. Always press on your sarees maintaining the iron in moderate to low heat
  1. Never spray water onto it until ironing because it might leave permanent marks on the cloth
  1. Always maintain the garment onto an ironing board or a cotton fabric before pressing on to prevent creases

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