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Tips And Tricks To Maintain Your Kanjeevaram Sarees!

Kanjeevaram sarees are bae however they also cost a bomb! While we adore new outfits for many events, it is important to keep those magnificent kanjeevarams so they continue forever. After all, how are you going to produce heirloom bits if you do not assert that magnificent silk!

Cleaning your Kanjeevaram

Constantly dry wash – Silk is a fragile cloth and so it requires skilled hands to wash it. Dry cleaning is the best method to take care of your saree.

Washing – If you do wind up washing it in your home, always use cold water and only a small shampoo just after three washes. Harsh detergents and lotions will damage your cherished saree!

Soap berries or soap nuts- Soap berries or soap nuts offer you a fantastic choice to any compound additives. They do not even damage the zari or the lace of your kanjeevaram.

Never wring it — that’s the very last thing that you need to do. First, circle the saree into a rough and dry towel to alleviate the excess moisture then, hang it on any hanger..

Drying – Prevent massaging your silk saree in direct sun. Dry it at the interior of your house where there’s not any direct harsh sunshine.

Ironing – Don’t iron your own saree directly. Immediate iron can impact its glow.


A stained silk sari ought to be dry cleaned as fast as possible to alleviate the blot. The longer the delay, the harder it gets to eliminate the blot. Utilize a laundry to manage any stubborn stains.


Maintaining your Kanjeevaram– Do not shop cotton or alternative sarees together with the kanjeevaram. Wrap your prized saree at a muslin fabric or pure cotton fabric and keep it separately to keep their longevity.

Colour evaporating — To prevent color fading, keep them in a dark and dry area in which there’s not any sunlight falling onto it.

Do not use plastic saree covers, rather use fabric saree covers  if you do not wish to wrap it into muslin. You can buy saree cover online here.

Air your saree — Kanjeevarams ought to be aired in the colour, or even inside your room. Doing so once in 2-3 weeks makes sure your sari is nicely preserved for quite a while.

Fresheners – Utilize neem leaves rather. You might even use silica gel in case you are fearful of any fungal growth in your saree.

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