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Top 6 Tips For Indian Brides To Take Care Of Their Expensive Sarees

Each Indian bride enjoys her sarees. It may make her seem glamorous in a celebration in addition to elegant in a marriage function. Well women, nothing comes with a little work. Maintaining your stunning sarees and maintaining their color and texture demands maintenance.

Prior to the wedding, you devote a fantastic sum of money on a great deal of costly sarees. You start looking for the ideal fabric, trendiest design, best color and wonderful texture. Whenever you’ve spent this much quantity of time picking them, it merely feels fair to add that excess effort to maintain them right? So, below are a few strategies to maintain your pricey wedding sarees glowing and beautiful for many years to come.

#1. Routine re-folding of zari

Each six weeks, take them out from your almirah, and allow them to remain in gentle sunlight for a couple hours. And , store them back. This will maintain their color and glow. While maintaining them back, be sure to alter the saree fold. This will avert zari breakage and permanent creasing of this cloth.

#2. Storing silk

Don’t waste your silk sarees on metal hangers. They are best kept in a cool (not damp) location, folded and covered in a cotton fabric or bag individually. This is very essential for silk sarees. Silica gel may be utilized to prevent humidity and prevent fungal growth in your own silk sarees.

#3. Regaining silkโ€™s shine

To recover the lost glow of a silk saree, wash in one-fourth cup distilled white vinegar mixed in 1 gallon water. Ensure that you wash the vinegar off nicely, in order to not harm the cloth.

#4. Taking care of heavily embroidered or embellished sarees

To get sarees with thick embroidery or vases, be sure to fold them together with the work-side indoors to protect against any snag or rip. Additionally, never hang them , as it might cause the thick embroidery to extend and tear the cloth.

#5. Stain removal

If there is a stain on your saree then wash it with cold water. If needed, use a gentle body soap . In the event the stain is greasy, use talcum powder or glycerine to wash the stain before you wash it.

#6. Ironing silk and zari

Take particular care when ironing the sarees, especially those with all the silk and zari embroidery. It’s highly advisable to iron keeping a soft cotton fabric in addition to this substance.

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