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Ways to Choose Perfect Table Covers for your Interior

Let’s make your every dining and occasion shinier, decorative and happier! There are lots of table covers that are available in the market such as heavyweight premium cotton fiber table covers, PVC material table covers that are waterproof, stain proof, durable, dirty proof, odorless and fashionable as well. If you are at an outdoor birthday lunch, a warm meal in your house, or a picnic, then these covers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorations. This table cover is a unique combination of embroidery work and classy printed design lends a distinct look. It is crafted from cotton and it will make your guests feel happy to be invited over for a meal. For more details, you can visit our company’s website.

Categories of Table Covers

1. Center Table Covers

center table covers

These covers are placed in the center of the table. This is the most common cover that is used by everyone. These covers are typically rectangular and can be used on nearly any dining table. Place this cover in the center of the table, allowing it to fall to the sides.

2. Dining Table Covers

These covers come in a range of colours and patterns for your dining table. A dining table would not be complete without a cover. By adding colour, vibrancy, and a style element to your space, a table cloth gives both functionality and design value.

Types of Table Covers

Here are some ideas for table covers that can be used at your table according to your requirements. They are mentioned below, please have a look at them.

1. Fitted Covers

One of the most popular tablecloth styles is fitted tablecloths. They’re designed to wrap tightly around tables, creating the impression that “someone didn’t just throw a cloth over that.” They might hug the legs or have pleats to avoid baggy corners. For example, special service tablecloths for parties have a beautiful side that hides messes from guests while simultaneously enabling easy access to a sub-table storage compartment on the other.

2. Rectangle Covers

The typical form factor for sitting as many people at a table as possible. The shape of this tablecloth is distinctive, as it is made up of two equidistant lengths that are opposite one another. It can be fitted or unfitted. This is great for folks who have rectangular tables.

3. Round Covers

 The primary competitor of the rectangle tablecloth. Images of Arthurian mythology, courageous knights, chivalry, and, of course, equality come to mind when thinking of the round table. When a group of guests or delegates needs to be placed in a position where everyone can talk to everyone else, this type of tablecloth is currently considered particularly perfect.

4. Square Covers

 It is easy to disregard square tablecloths as less functional than round and rectangular tablecloths. On the other side, we respectfully disagree with you. Imagine going on a romantic date to a wonderful restaurant with your significant other (or someone else). Think about the music, the scents, and the ambiance.

5. Dry Bar Covers

These covers, also known as cocktail covers, are especially effective for hiding unsightly furniture that surrounds prominent areas such as dance floors or lecterns at launch events. Tall, unsightly tables have sprung up like fungus without them, blighting the gathering space. To avoid appearing as tripping hazards, they must be installed.


The narrow vertical stretches of cloth that typically lie on top of dinner coverings or dining tables are known as runners. Runners are the narrow vertical strips of fabric that normally lie on top of dining covers or dining tables, whereas dining covers extend over the entire surface of the dining table and are made in sync with the table’s shape. When used together, table covers and runners can create lovely and memorable moments while also providing a delicate backdrop for your dinner. A Dream Care cotton tablecloth coupled with a multi-color runner could be the ideal dinner arrangement. However, there are a few things to consider about the table covers and runners for them to function in your dining room, just as there is a time and a place for everything.

How to Choose Perfect Table Covers?

Here are some tips or suggestions for choosing the right cover for your table which makes your table classy, happier, and brighter.

  1. Depending on your setting and style, the dining room colour should always be in contrast or colour block. 
  2. A muted-coloured table cloth or a modest nude-coloured table cloth can undoubtedly enhance the eating space and the dining table if you have a choice of strong colours.
  3. If your home is decorated in dark, somber colours, a dining cover with a colour block design would be the ideal choice.
  4. If you’re still undecided, white is a great option because it goes with everything and elevates the aesthetic.

What to Consider when Buying Table Covers?

These covers can signify the moment of truth in the picture you’re trying to depict. The possibilities are endless, ranging from inexpensive cloth textiles for your five-star setting to kid-friendly, disposable plastic table linens.

Here are several points which you need to consider while purchasing covers:

1. Shape and Size

The cover’s size will help you to communicate an allover level of formalities. A 6-inch to 8-inch drop will be suitable for casual occasions and a 10-inch to 15-inch drop is more suitable for formal occasions.

2. The Tone of Room or Event

 These covers will help you to set a state of mind for dinner according to the situation – whether it is happy, lighthearted, romantic, or genuine and proficient.

3. Material and Shading

Disposable covers are better for casual situations and are often single-use only, whereas material table cloths help create elegant settings and are intended to withstand everyday use. Strong hues create dramatic scenes and festive displays when assisted with other tabletop pieces. While white tablecloths and ivory are traditional for formal settings, strong hues create dramatic scenes and festive displays when facilitated with other tabletop elements.

4. Cleanup Requirements

Disposable covers are excellent for on-the-go administrations and casual environments, whereas reusable tablecloths are better for larger workplaces with more space and cleaning equipment.

5. Cost

With so many table linen options to pick from, you can find table covers that meet all of your needs while staying within your budget!

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