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5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Bosch Washing Machine

1. Refresh Your Own Clothes at 45 Minutes

Together with the ActiveOxygen Refresh program located in superior Bosch washing machines, clothes, and fabrics that can’t be washed easily, or aren’t frequently used, may be consumed in a brief period of 45 minutes.

It is also recommended to buy Washing Machine Cover Bosch for the protection of your washing machine.

2. The Fantastic Dose To Get A Fantastic Wash

1 key element in attaining perfect wash results is detergent dose. While an inadequate dose of detergent contributes to unsatisfactory cleaning outcomes, an overdose could leave detergent residue on your laundry or incur increased energy and water prices from other rinse cycles.

Bosch washing machines using inbuilt i-DOS automated dose technology have incorporated sensors that detect the cloth type, load quantity, and degree of soiling of the laundry load. Dispensing the exact number of liquid detergent needed to the closest milliliter, i-DOS technology empowers your washing machine to supply perfect clean results, while saving you around 7,062** minutes of water every year.

3. Eliminate Allergens On Your Laundry

Clothes that aren’t washed thoroughly frequently carry allergy-causing particles which could lead to skin irritation. Together with the AllergyPlus wash program, even greater washing temperatures combined with intensive wash cycles efficiently eliminate allergens from clothes, while being gentle on fabrics.

4. Fast Performing 

For large families, the daily affair of doing laundry could be time-consuming, particularly once you want to wash a few loads of laundry daily. To free up time, Bosch’s SpeedPerfect alternative can be activated for most conventional wash programmes, allowing them to operate more quickly and decrease washing length up to 65%, while still making sure they are clean.

5. Silence performance 

Unlike traditional washing machine motors with carbon brushes, Bosch washing machines using EcoSilence Drive are outfitted with an innovative, brushless motor which optimally reduces friction for greater energy efficiency, functionality and incredibly quiet operation.

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