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How to take care of your Washing Machine?

Washing machine is one of the costly assets and it needs to be taken care of to ensure smooth functioning for a loner period. The washing machine not only cleans a lot of dirty clothes in lesser time but also with lesser efforts it wonderfully removes all kinds of stains easily. Let’s discuss some major points for care and maintenance of washing machine to extend its life.

It is recommended to use washing machine cover waterproof for the longevity of washing machine.

We will discuss the washing machine care guide in below three sections:

  • Setup & installation tips for Washing Machine
  • Daily care tips for your washing machine
  • Regular maintenance tips for your washing machine

Setup & installation tips for Washing Machine:

After buying, the first thing we do is the installation and setup the machine. Setup of the machine will determine the life and work efficiency of washing machine.

Most of the companies send the technicians for this job, but here we are putting some points to ensure the proper setup or installation.

  1. Don’t install the washing machine in a bathroom:Installing the machine in bathroom is not the good idea, as the water splashes and steam from the heater can damage the washing machine.
  2. Always install the washing machine on a flat surface. Installing the machine on a sloping surface can damage the machine.
  3. While installing the machine, make sure that the legs of the machine are at the same level
  4. Get the proper plumbing installation.

Daily care tips for your washing machine:

Once the machine is installed and you start using it, follow below simple tips to ensure your washing machine works lifelong without any issue:

  1. Avoid using hard water (boring water/ well water) to wash clothes: Hard water contains too many minerals and salt, which can easily damage the washing machine. It is harder to clean the clothes in hard water as it’s not friendly with detergent. If you don’t have any option then use the water softener before using the water in machine.
  2. Check the pockets before washing clothes: hard substances like a coin, key, ring, etc. can damage the machine. so, check the pockets of the clothes before putting them into the machine.
  3. Remove the wet clothes or water: Don’t leave wet clothes or detergent water in the washing machine for a long time as it can damage the machine. But If you want to soak clothes overnight, soak them in a bucket instead of washing machine tub.
  4. Avoid over loading: Overloading the machine puts extra pressure on motor which can reduce the life of the machine. If you have too many clothes to wash then wash them in 2-3 parts.
  5. Choose detergent quality and quantity wisely: there are too many detergents that are available in the market for washing machines depending upon the made and / or type of the washing machine. It is advisable to choose a detergent which provides a gentle wash to the clothes. Also, you should avoid unnecessary use of detergents. Always use detergent as endorsed on the pack or the washing machine manual.
  6. Clean the lint filter after every wash: we recommendyou to clean the lint filter after every wash. It will prevent the clothes from thin cotton lint.

Regular maintenance tips for your washing machine

  1. Clean the washing machine after use: after using the machine, switch off and unplug the machine. Then you should clean it with mild detergent. Some washing machine comes with the cleaning instructions but if you don’t have these instructions then just use some regular wash and clean the machine from outside as well as inside.
  2. Dry the Machine: After cleaning, just wipe off the machine from inside and out side with a dry cotton cloth to prevent the machine from any damage due to moisture.
  3. Check the connections: Check all the pipes, connectors and wire regularly and if you find any damage then get it fixed immediately with the help of professionals. The leakage of pipe can be dangerous for the machine or the person who is operating it.
  4. Call the professionals: Once in two months, call professional technician for the servicing of the washing machine.
  5. Use the Dream Care washing machine cover: Now give the care of Dream care furnishings washing machine cover to your machine. These Washing Machine Cover IFB covers are available for various models of washing machine (top load, front load) and are available in many variant colors and designs. It prevents the machine from dirt, dust, and insects.

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