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How To Take Care of Children from Washing Machine

A washing machine is an electric home appliance that used water and laundry agents to facilitate laundry with minimalistic or no physical efforts and supervision. It reduces the time-consuming and tiring process of soaking, beating and/or scrubbing, rinsing and twisting, or squeezing the fabric into a simple cycle time. The physically draining experience has been substituted with high-speed electric motors at a much less consumption of water. In modern city life where individuals are running against time washing machines are fast becoming a necessity rather than status for the upper class. It does a lot of precious time and with the least, dedicated supervision required one has the freedom to address other chores simultaneously.

The use of laundry detergents and other cleaners helps in achieving a satisfactory cleaning result. Also, as responsible users, we do take care of the machine by cleaning and sanitizing it with bleach, vinegar solution, etc. However, what we miss is the fact that the drops and dashes of these chemicals and cleaning agents do accumulate on the outer surface of the machines during the process. Wiping the washing machine surface with a cloth after using for laundry; still leaves unattended traces of cleaning agents here and there. The exposure of these amass on the surface is detrimental, especially for our children.

Children have a comparatively weaker immune system and are more susceptible to infections. With most of our life being confined to restricted spaces of apartments and made up floors, it is impossible to have a dedicated locked space for laundry machines. Running around and playing or moving in the home does bring our children in contact with the washing machine. During the activities and movement, our children do touch the surface of the washing machine. Their hands get contaminated with the varied cleaning agents accumulated on the surface and from hands they enter into the childโ€™s food chain.  Even if it does not show an immediate effect due to proportionately very little intake but over a period of time, it does result in medical conditions like Phenomena, skin infection, rashes, stomachs, etc. The exposure of skin to traces of stronger agents may even lead to blistering of the skin, severe abdominal pain, and swelling of lips and tongue, etc.

As is being said, prevention is better than cure and hence opting for the use of washing machine cover waterproof is a smart choice that we should opt for. The covers not only adds a protective layer to the machine but also provide a protective layer between the washing machineโ€™s surface and the children without restricting their movement. The use of the Washing Machine Cover helps us to take care of our childrenโ€™s health without restricting their inquisitiveness.

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