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Washing Machine Care – against Bacterial Colonization

Washing Machines are prominently used for convenient laundry purposes in households across metros cities. The rapid urbanization, growth in per capita income, and engagement of women in the professional world have facilitated its transition from a luxury item to a utility item. With the advent of new fabrics in our closets, the ways of handling our laundry have also evolved with time. In place of cloth that used to stand the wear and tear of time, the preference has skewed in favor of comfortable and easy to manage clothes. This has resulted in moderation of the washing machine and the cleaners used for laundry purposes as well. The use of steam hot water has been replaced with water that is mild or lukewarm and in certain cases at normal temperature. The cleaners have adjusted with the change and the solid and/or powder-based laundry agents have been replaced with liquid washing agents. It is also recommended to use Washing Machine Cover for avoiding external threats to the machine.

These changes on one hand do seem to comply with the new laundry habits and requirements but not without a cost. The solid-based or powder base laundry agents use strong bleaching properties and hence when used with steam hot water they not only use to clean the soiled clothes but also use to successfully bleach the clothes as well as the washing tub of the machines in the process. The use of mild and/or normal water with the liquid detergents though seems to clean the dirt, grime, and stain from the clothes but lacks disinfection in absence of strong bleaching agents that are suppressed in absence of hot water. As a result, the bacteria attached to our soiled clothes get accumulated at the corners, washers, and filters of the washing machine ready to multiply under suitable and supportive conditions.

In most of the household dampness and trapped moisture cannot be ruled out from our laundry area. The tropical temperature and heat create a healthy ecosystem for the growth of Bacteria, Mildew and molds. Often, they colonize themselves at places far from the reach of normal dusting and wiping routine and hence have high potential to breed. These when remain undetected and unattended when comes in contact with human beings lead to serious infections including โ€“ abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

The effective way to address this issue is to pervert the moisture getting trapped and create a dry and clean surface on and around our laundry area. washing machine cover waterproof seems to be the cost-effective solution. Waterproof properties of these covers prevent the water and moisture from getting passed on to the areas and surfaces of the washing machine and keeping the trapped surface warm to prevent the growth of any bacterial and fungal growth. These covers are not required to be removed and can easily be wiped clean after the laundry process.

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