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Washing Machines

Despite 80% of Indian households now owning a washer, we do not really care how indispensable they’re to our lifestyles.

Life Before Washing Machines

Humans began to wear clothes 170,000 years ago. Since then we’ve invented a full range of products that we want to launder. The oldest method of washing clothes was employing a water source like a river. Laundry was then beaten on the rocks before leaving them to dry under the sun. By the 1700s the back-breaking task of laundry began to get easier with the invention of recent technologies. First, the washboard came along. This made it marginally easier to clean the dirt out of soiled clothes. The 1930s saw the invention of the primary electric washer. However, at this stage the washer wasnโ€™t fully automated; only the drum was mechanized.

Still don’t Care?

One of the best ways to focus on the impact of the washer is to appear at societies that have washing machines and comparing them to ones without.

Apart from them, if you want to give a long-lasting life to your washing machine then you need to invest in washing machine cover waterproof. This will not only help your machine a long-lasting life but also give your machine a good working life.

In Peru, a study conducted in a very slum with 30,000 residents found that doing laundry took 6 hours each day up to a few times per week. This doesnโ€™t only contribute to chronic lower back pain and respiratory problems, but also means the residents don’t have any time to dedicate to finding the simplest way out of poverty. In Africa, people must walk upwards of 4 miles each thanks to access to the water required to scrub their clothes. This is often bad for both them and also the environment.

There will be little doubt that if the citizens of Peru and Africa had to spend less time doing laundry that they might be able to dedicate longer to working and finding other ways to halt the poverty cycle.

Change your mind!

We hope that after reading this you may care about your washer a touch bit more and not take them without any consideration. If you also want to extend their lifespan? Then select from our wide selection of Washing Machine Cover.

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