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You should care what type of Washing Machine you buy?

Buying washing machines have long been a mystery. In this article, we will give you information on some of the most common types in India – front loader, top loader, automatic and semi-automatic machines.

1. Front-Loading Washer

Do you have less space in your home? Then this is the most suitable choice. You can fit it in the wash room. It has more capacity to take bigger load of items. A survey has stated that front loading washer is far more superior than the other models.

2. Traditional Top-Loading Washer

Do you have a small family with grown-up children? Then this model is the right one for you. You do not need to spend much time customizing it. This is the second most popular type of washing machine in India. For this model, you do not have to bend your knees as for a front loader washer. Few models have an add-on feature using which one can add more clothes even in the middle of the running cycle.

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3. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

In fully automatic washing machines, there are top loading and front loading versions. This model has a single motor that can do the spinning and washing activities. In the fully automatic top loading version, there are agitators and impellers. The advantages – you can add clothes midway. The drum has to rotate and the clothes get tumbled in the front-loading model. This model saves energy and water. There is a clean washing process. They have a lot of space and can fit more clothes.

4. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Usually regarded as the entry level washing models. The semi – automatic model has two separate tubs – washing tub and dryer. You get the idea, right? One needs to first fill water in the washing tub before the cycle starts. After washing is done the washing cycle is completed the washing tub is to be drained and the clothes are to be shifted to the dryer tub.

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So, there you go. Now you know what machine you should buy if you care for your fabric. Do you also need a care for your machines? Then select from our wide range of Washing Machine Cover. You can select from our ranges of Washing Machine covers matching all types and sizes.

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