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Buy Home Living Covers and Protectors Online at an affordable price!

It is important that we take care of our appliances, furniture, mattresses, pillows, etc. at home, as they play an important role in our day to day life. If we talk about Home Décor, then the need of decorating these products also comes in the limelight. One way of doing is to keep these things covered and well protected with the help of fancy and durable home living covers and protectors. At Dream Care India, you will get a wide range of home living protectors for different products at your home like cushions, pillows, mattress, etc. The best part is, you need not travel or visit a showroom. Wherever you are in India, we ship the protectors, so that they can be delivered at your door steps.

If you want to buy protector for home essentials that suits your taste, then you don’t have look anywhere else. Our amazing feature of customizing the product as per your needs, will win your heart straightaway.  You will get covers in all sizes, colours and patterns. To get an order customized, you have to call us on 9650270867. Our executives will guide you further. We provide protectors and covers for all your home products that you want to protect or decorate at the same time. The best part is, you will not have to burn holes in your pocket. Our products are affordable and we sale at the price in the market. Let’s have a look at the products that we offer for home living.

Different categories of Home Living Protectors available on our website

Sometimes, going with the traditional ways doesn’t turn out well. Earlier we used to just put a bedsheet over our mattresses or leave our pillows uncovered. Problems started arising like stains, dust, etc. Due to these issues your personal belongings get damaged. But now there is a way to keep your home living items protected and new. Below are the categories for which we provide different types of home living protectors.

Pillow Protectors

Our pillows are meant to provide comfort to us. Therefore, it becomes crucial that we take care of them from any type of damages, and let them fulfill their role of keeping you calm. Dream Care India has the perfect solution for you. We provide waterproof and stain proof pillow protectors that block unwanted accidents like perspirations, spills, stains, incontinence, etc.  These protectors are bed bug bite proof, and comes in with an easily handled zipper. We use 100% Tensile which is smooth and soft. The fabric is perfect for people with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic, inhibits bacterial growth, and is moisture-wicking. You can avail these home living pillow protectors in different colours of your choice.

Cushion Protectors

One thing that no one wants is to get their cushions dirty. Cushions have become a crucial part of home décor these days. Well, Cushion protectors by dream care India are what you need to keep your cushions clean and attractive. We have multiple colours to choose from. The material that we use for our home living cushion protectors is really soft and comfortable. These protectors have an anti-dust mite and breathable shield which prevents you from various allergies.

Sofa Sheet Protectors

When someone enters your home, the first impression arrives via drawing room. Your sofa sets represent stories. Therefore, it is important to keep your sofas clean and well decorated. If you often face issues of tough stains due to food or liquid spill, then you should try our Sofa Sheet protectors. They are water, dust and stain proof. They help in keeping your sofa seats like new and long lasting. Material used is 100% Terry cotton.

Mattress Protectors

You may find fancy bedsheets that decorates your bed, but you also need a mattress protector which will cover your mattress and protect it from multiple damages. A mattress provides comfortable sleep, so the best way is to purchase a comfy mattress protector to complement it. On our website, you will find mattress protectors in different patterns, colours and for every size. They help in keeping your mattress stain free, bacteria free, noise free, and liquid free. These home living protectors block away all types of bacterial infections and are bug bite free.


You can easily purchase transparent PVC AC Shower curtains from our website. 100% pure PVC is used to make these curtains. These curtains are a good source of protection against unwanted dust particles, pollution, insects, etc. You can even use them in open entrances which you temporarily want to close.

Note: For customize order, you have to call us on 8882906984. Our executives will guide you further. Tell us about your needs and your order will be delivered to your home.

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