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Keep your Tables and Kitchen clean and New with our Table Kitchen Covers

Who doesn’t love food? We all do right? And some of you may even love to cook. The smell of food makes us go crazy and especially when it’s cooked in your own kitchen. But, we often tend to ignore our cooking environment. Another factor that can be a pleasure to our senses is the decoration of little things that’s around us in the kitchen. We are talking about shelves, RO, Cylinder, Microwave, Fridge, Dining Table, etc. Why do we forget these items? Dream Care is giving you a chance to take the pleasure out of our stores and directly to your kitchen. Make your kitchen and the surroundings look livelier with our fancy table kitchen covers, while you cook and serve.

We have every colour to match the interiors of your kitchen and even different patterns. There are different covers for tables and kitchen items. Covering your center table is also important because that gives a first impression to the guests who visit your place. Don’t you want your guests to appreciate the way you have protected and decorated your furniture and even kitchen appliances? Well, who doesn’t want it, right? There is no need to worry about the sizes, colour, or the pattern of your choice, as we have the option of customization too. Just call us on 9650270867 and get your order customized as per your needs. Our covers are waterproof, dustproof and stainproof. Therefore, shop from us now and keep your tables and kitchen clean and new. Let’s now have a look of the products that you get to purchase on our website.

Categories falling under our Table Kitchen Covers Section

Fridge Top Covers

How many times has it happened that we forget to reach the top of the fridge to clean it? Well, it often happens when it comes to a tall fridge. Right? And then we even tend to put stuff on the top of our fridge that may leave scratches. To avoid the damage from dust, scratches, etc. Dream Care has brought beautiful fridge top covers for you. These are not only decorative pieces but, they have pockets too, in which you can keep your stuff that you used to just keep on the top. These are made out of high quality PVC material, and therefore are easy to clean and maintain.

Fridge Shelf Mats

Our fridge is loaded with utensils with food in them, vegetables, fruits, dairy, etc. The shelves on which we keep these stuff, may get stains that are difficult to clean. We all want our fridge to be stainfree. To solve this problem, Dream Care India offers a variety of affordable fridge shelf covers that are made of durable high quality PVC material, which protects your shelves from scratches, stains and dirt. These come in 3pcs set and can availed in different colours and patterns.

Buy Table Covers Online 

Center Table covers are one of the most required home décor products today. These not only prevent your table from scratches, spillage, and dust, but also helps create a pleasing look. These table kitchen covers by Dream Care India are made to provide a complete look to your home décor and at the same time are waterproof, stain proof and long lasting.

Affordable Table Runners

It often happens that when we sit at our dining table, we accidently spill water or food over it. Due to this the table gets spots or our task to clean all the mess adds up. Dream Care understands your concern, and therefore we manufacture and sell beautiful pieces of table runners online. The material is again PVC which makes your task easy to clean, as it is waterproof and stain free. It also prevents your table from any scratches.

Table Place Mats

You can easily buy table place mats on our website. They come in different colours and patterns. They complement table runners and the need to buy them is equally important. Buy table kitchen covers online at an affordable price at Dream Care.

Dispenser Bottle Covers

Ever though that you can cover these dispenser bottles and make them look appealing? If yes then you are at the right place. Our Dispenser bottle covers are of premium quality and are of universal size. These bottles sometimes look bad as they have been used many times, but when you cover them, then your mood also refreshes.

Cylinder Covers

The least that we think of is to cover our cylinders. But they are an important part of our household and the kitchen. They tend to get rust easily and also leave a mark on the floor. To prevent this, you can buy these beautiful looking cylinder covers online form Dream Care India. These table kitchen covers are made up of Vinyl PVC which is a waterproof material. These cylinder covers make sure that there are no stains on the floor with no rust, and these products last longer.

Shelf Mat Sheets

Another category of ours under table kitchen covers is famous. These are Shelf mat sheets or you can call them wardrobe/kitchen/drawer shelf mats. These mats are multipurpose and can be used for shelves in fridge, bathroom, drawers, cabinets, cupboards, etc. The sheet rolls comes in different size, colours and patterns. These sheets are stain free, waterproof and hence, easy to clean.

RO Covers

Just like an RO purifies water and makes it clean and safe to drink, similarly it is our job to take care of the RO too. To keep your RO clean, buy our RO covers that are made up of quality transparent PVC material. It helps in protection from dust and stains. These table kitchen covers can easily fit your RO and they are easy to clean too.

Bed Servers

Just like table runners serve the purpose of protection of the dining table from stains, water spillage, etc., similarly bed servers serves the purpose to protect your bedsheet or mattresses from getting the stains or getting wet. You can get them on our website in different colours and patterns. The material is waterproof and stain proof.

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