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Dining Table Cover Ideas that are completely changing the Game!

Hey guys! We all have dining tables at home right. In this blog post you will get the ideas of how you can decorate your dining table with latest trends. Also, you will get an idea to prevent your table from unwanted damages. A dining table cover is in trend these days that will not only give a classy look to your table, but will also protect the table from different accidents.

We will also cover different questions that people have regarding table covers or table cloth. So, Let’s jump right into the content.

What is a Dining Table cover?

A dining table cover is a long spread cover that is made for protecting the table from different accidents like scratches, water spill, food spill, etc. It completely covers your dining table. Some people just prefer to spread these covers for ornamental uses, but some use plain transparent PVC covers too, just to protect the table. This concept differs for person to person. You can’t avoid such small accidents, but you can always prevent your precious dining table from the damage.

Are Table Runner and Table Cover the same things?

Nope, these are not the same things. A table runner is a narrow piece of cloth that is placed mostly for decoration over the table or the table cloth. It is placed in the center of the table and it runs one from one corner to the other in length of a table. A table runner doesn’t cover the whole table like a table cover. With a table runner, people even buy table placemats to complete the look.

Now, let’s jump to the part that you have waiting for. Here are some trending table covers that will not only help you decorate the dining table, but will also help in protecting the same.

Top 10 Trending Dining Table Cover Ideas

Here is the list of top 10 trending dining table covers that will surely modernize your dining area.

  1. Cotton Blend Table Cloth
  2. Printed Dining Table Cover
  3. Fringed Burlap Table Cloth  
  4. Fabric based Covers
  5. Transparent PVC Table Cover
  6. Laced Covers
  7. Hemstitched Border Table Cover
  8. Round Table Cloth
  9. Block printed table covers
  10. Cross Stich Table Cover

Not all the covers mentioned above are waterproof. If you are just wanting to decorate your dining table, and are not concerned about spills, then any of the above will be perfect. But, if you need protection against dust, spills, scratches, then you must look out for waterproof dining table cover. These covers have fabrics that will not let liquids or dust leak through them.

So, guys, hope you liked this blog post. We tried our best to come up with the trending ideas for you. Now go ahead and create your own modernized space. For more such blogs, you can stay in touch with us on our social media handles. We keep posting blogs regularly. If you have any other questions in mind, do let us know in the comments section below with your views. Thank you for reading.