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Dream Care Knowledge Foundation

The Story

The story of Dream Care Knowledge Foundation can be easily compared with the austerity of an enlightened ascetic. It took a clear vision, strong commitment and perseverance of our Founder Mr Dwarka Prasad Ginoriya, that we could attain our present. It appears to be a fairy tale when we recall how our journey that started from the bag of books in the form of “Jhola Pustakalya” molted to shape up into Salasar Balaji Gyan Jyoti Sansthan on 9th August 2004. It further transitioned to eventually metamorphosis and transcend into the present Dream Care Knowledge Foundation. With a clear vision of “Creating Confidence” among the children and families that are under privileged and have limited resources, we continue our journey towards – Educating India, Culturing India and Enabling India.

Dream Care Knowledge Foundation, since inception has majorly funded and supported by Dream Care Group of companies. Through the journey we have welcomed association and partnership from various other organizations and individuals. The intriguing thought was to engage those individuals with our expedition, who have a strong will and inclination towards giving their contribution for a noble social cause rather than looking upon the engagement as only a professional commitment. As they say, if the cause is true and right it attracts right sect of people and foster right set of associations on its course. The journey that began with one individual is now a closely knitted family of numerous volunteers from varied domains. Our volunteers are contributing towards the cause under the able supervision of our experienced center In-charge. What began with a single class over the time has become a facility that runs numerous programs across the day on all the working days of the week.

A Day at Our Center

The day at DCKF begins at 9:00am and hold numerous batches for children, women and adults through the day till the closing hours at 6:00pm. One batch is generally kept for 120 minutes so that volunteers and students get sufficient time and do not have to rush through the respective subject or training. Our courses touch the wider aspect of a person’s life starting from education that lays a strong foundation to vocation courses which help individuals to attain self-dependence, self-sufficiency and respectful livelihood.

Creating Confidence through Education

The center is running batches to cover general subjects for the students from Nursery to middle school in morning and evening. Volunteers with prior experience of teaching uses learning with fun activities approach to engage students. The response for these batches has been extremely encouraging. Not only have we seen an increased footfall in these batches but there has also been a sharp increase in the number of students who have either joined back the main stream education or has shown tremendous improvement in their performance at schools. The regular assessment and periodic feedback on the child’s development along with counseling sessions are a regular at our center.

Enabling India with Vocational Courses

Under the umbrella of vocation courses, training in Stitching and Mehndi has been offered since the very inception. These courses have been extremely popular among girls and women. Many of our students have attained financial independence and started supporting their families. The students are also offered scholarships for formal certification in stitching. Many students from stitching batch have joined Dream Care as employees. The afternoon shift for vocational trainings ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the daily routine of household chores.

While working for the social cause it is imperative to be in sync with the changing times. We continuously add new courses to our vocational training buffet. Our new programs of English Speaking, Personality Development and Computer Courses are few steps in the direction of being sharply relevant vis-a-via industry demands. These are professional courses that focus on enhancing the employability of the students. These courses not only help in making the students confident by adding job relevant skills in their armory. In times to come, we are planning to launch many such programs to impart specialized skills and / or upskill our students.

The response for our educational programs and vocational courses has lately been extremely welcoming. The same can be verified with the fact that the admissions for the courses has tripled within a span of 1 year.

Other Community Engagements  

As a social responsibility initiative, we do work continuously to better experiences at all our touch points. We believe in continuous engagement with society at large. Continuous surveys keep us abreast with the ground realities, spread awareness and identify opportunities for improvement. Contrary to working in isolation, we follow the approach of working closely with the people from community, government authorities and general like-minded social people and / or organizations.

In addition to our mission, we have been equally participative in spreading awareness on general concerns and issues like pollution, water restoration, plantation, Hygiene of surroundings, etc. We work closely with organizations of repute such as Sewa Bharti on social cause of health, education and other social causes.

Despite attaining numerous milestones through the courses of our journey, this is merely a beginning of this pilgrimage. With the encouraging support we have received, we are enthusiastic to increase our efforts with more zeal. We are planning to multiply and open more centers under Dream Care Knowledge Foundation but work towards the vivid goal of establishing numerous free educational and vocational schools that can support thousands of children. We aim to better today and lay strong foundation for a brighter tomorrow!!

Let’s Care More

In a bid to have a better tomorrow, you can also contribute towards the better future of the under privileged part of our society and your contribution is going to be tax free under the Section 80G. For more details, please feel free to call us, write us and mail us.

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