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Customized Order

How to place an order for Customized Product?

    Dream Care is the manufacturer of several home furnishings and home care products. We deal in Bedsheets, Mattress Protectors, AC Comforter, Sofa Seat Protectors, Washing Machine Covers, AC Covers, Table Covers, Baby Dry Sheets etc. We sells our products directly on our official website -

    We have provided all standard sizes for all our products which are available on our website. But, sometimes the customer did not get the product as per the required size for their product or sometimes customization is needed as per their product based criteria. That's why we also provide customization on all our products. Below are the step by step guide to place a customized order for your product.


    Steps to place an order for Custom Size Product -


    Step 1 - Visit our official website -

    Step 2 - Find the product you want

    Step 3 - Choose the Color or Print you want

    Step 4 - Take measurement and note down the required size for the product

    Step 5 - Register or Create an account -

    Step 6 - Login your account -

    Step 7 - Add all required account details for delivery process

        • Name
        • Address
        • Mobile Number
        • Email Address

    Step 8 - Send us all the required information on WhatsApp

          • Product Name
          • Product Color or Print
          • Product Size

            or Submit Request Form - Customization Request Form

      Step 9 - Ask for the availability and price

      Step 10 - Once confirmed your order will be manually added to your account.

      Step 11 - You will receive a payment link on your registered mobile number.

      Step 12 - Make payment and confirm your order.


      We will create your order manually by our side for customized product. It will take 1 or 2 days to manufacture the product. After getting ready your order will be processed and deliver you as soon as possible.


      Important Note :

      1. Returns are not allowed and no refund will be provided for customized order.
      2. Replacement are allowed only for quality issue or in case of wrong product delivered.



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