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Our Story

Our Story

Most stories of successful ventures have a visionary individual at helm who despite all odds stays committed to the goal and attains progressive milestones during his / her journey. DREAM CARE Story is nothing less of a ‘Dream’ that is being taken ‘Care’ with hard work and dedication to establish the brand as a prominent name in the industry.

The seed of this memorable journey were sown about two decades back when our Founder Mr D. P. Ginoriya arrived in the Capital city with his family. After stints with textile organizations for few years he envisaged the potential of the industry that was unharnessed.

The rainbow of life had more darker colors during the settling period in the new city. Being a dedicated family man from a humble background the phase made him realize the concern of a normal Indian household that faces the challenge of running a home with limited resources.  Increasing avenue for savings and creating value for a household was a thought that kept intriguing him. The thought got a way of expression while one day he saw how nomads were using plastic sheets to create a barrier from water to penetrating into their household. With his acumen he could foresee the future prospects that can be addressed with an aim to create a viable household product.

The journey that started with the aim to revolutionize the industry over the course attained various firsts and continues to do so. The excursion that started from a small room and with a team of 2 people has transcended into ‘Dream Care Parivaar’ with hundreds of members and expanded to three units in NCR.

With the advent of new millennium, the goal to challenge and successfully transform the status quo of the industry has intensified with the exchange of baton. Our Directors Mr Amit Ginoriya and Mr Sumit Ginoriya are alumni of a premier Business School. They declined lucrative corporate offers in Investment Banking, to join hands with our Chairman in broadening the scope. The entrepreneurship orientation of our Directors helps the company to continuously aim to better ourselves both in offerings and services.

Our Purpose

We, at Dream Care, serve to create a meaningful transformation in people’s lifestyle.

Our Values


As our organizational value “Respect”, we follow the culture where we respect all the people associated/ not-associated with our organization.

Innovation And Continuous Improvement

Something new that blends creativity with execution. And since inception we are following the philosophy of innovation in each area of working be it product, technology, training, marketing, and so on. Thus, innovation and continuous improvement constitutes one of our core values which make the organizational code.

Learning And Sharing

Continuously learning skills, experience, knowledge and abilities from environment customers and sharing it with team members in the organization to make them more effective and efficient is our belief.

Embrace Change

As this has become essential for an organization to respond the Change every day and every moment, we at Dream Care embrace change as it comes be it internal and external. Change is being different than before; henceforth we are always ready to move as an organization towards different phases.

Our Identity : What Does It Mean?


Dream Care speaks its sense of existence. When we care for your dream, we strive to create a meaningful transformation in your lifestyle.


"A FRESH TOUCH" depicts our focused efforts to provide innovative the value products that will give a fresh touch to your beautiful home.


Shield symbolizes the protection and care for you and your dream. Further, its blue colour denotes the Sky which is wide-spread and covers everything. Similarly, a pink feather shows the soft touch.

Expression through logo, symbol and slogan creates our brand's value, promises, benefits and personality amiable. Thus, it becomes the ultimate expression for what we stand for and what we endeavour to deliver continuously.

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